Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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Hello people,

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Food Review: Pizza Mania at Pizza Hut Christmas Pre-launch Party

Christmas just came early for me!

I was just so lucky to be invited to Pizza Hut's Pre-launch Party! Oh hell-yea, it's party time! Pizza Hut also allowed me to bring a friend (Beav) along and join in the fun which was really nice of them. Thank you so much.
Pizza Hut was really a generous host serving us literally what I would call a drool-worthy feast.
This is the menu of the day! I feel such a big meanie showing all these delightful pictures to you but I just have to share all these good things with you.
Presenting first up are the drinks of the day. We were allowed to pick any drink from the menu. I picked the Lychee Green Tea and the Strawberry Paradise while Beav picked the Emerald Ice Sparkle and Iced Mocha.
I thought I would get to try all 4 but Beav being very selfish on the false pretense of being health-conscious refuse to share her drinks with me. =(
My favorite drink of the 2 I tried is the Lychee Green Tea. There were 3 lychess floating on top of the Green Tea which looked so much like 3 mini scoops of ice-cream. It had a very appealing visual at least to me since I am quite a huge fan of ice-cream. Haha. It was a sweet, delightful drink. Very Tasty and Highly Addictive! If you have a sweet tooth, this is something you shouldn't miss!
Strawberry Paradise was good too, just that after I had the Lychee Green Tea, I am just not that into Strawberry Paradise anymore. #changeofheart# LOL!
The picture above pretty much sums up what we had for the night. 
(From left to right)
Fruitti Prawn Salad: I am a salad person, so I am probably biased when I say the salad was really good. LOL!
Trio Chicken Platter: All were good. But my favourite was the spicy one!
Chicken Spinach Cannelloni: I like this one. It suited my taste though I couldn't taste the spinach. -.-
Roasted Chicken Leg with Garlic Cheese Sauce: If there is only one thing you are going to order, it got to be this! It is THE BEST! I swear it is so good, if I weren't that full, I would have eaten the whole roasted leg, the garnish  the bone and maybe even the plate.
Chilli Crab Baked Rice: I thought the crabs resembled 2 swans kissing. Cuuutte! Generally, this is my least favourite in the menu. I just didn't like sweet and spicy with cheese. But Beav liked it, I caught her stealing my share. Lol!
Sweet Delights: Love the chocolate in the middle. Too full to fully revel in the delightful desserts. =(
And lastly the highlight of the day. The Double Sensation Pizza! Cheese lovers, YOU CANNOT MISS THIS! There is an inner ring of cheesy chicken sausage!!! It may be a little salty if you aren't a huge fan of cheese.
I love how Pizza Hut incorporated a learning session in this launch. I was actually looking forward to baking my own pizza. I didn't get a chance to do it this round, but I am sure there is always next time to look forward to. =p
The learning session started off with a demonstration. I would really to share with you more concrete details, but erm...I was so distracted by the food in front of me, I am embarrassed to say I did not put my keen memory for details to that good a use.
I was entrusted with the sacred task of holding the picture of the pizza, unfortunately. So throughout the the whole demo, and even after the demo, I was consumed with evil thoughts about eating the whole pizza up MYSELF.
And so in my head, it replayed the story of someone spotting my pizza, snatching my pizza, and finally ending of with me eating up the pizza. #in a world of my own#
There was a mini competition and my group came in second...out of 2 teams. LOL!
And what's a party without a goodie bag right? So, this is my loot of the day! =D
The spaghetti promptly became my lunch tomorrow! Lol! In my opinion, it was one of the most useful gifts ever!
And the apron after I decided to festive-mood it. I think it looks so ah-dorable now! Hehe!
Apart from making sure their guest are very well-fed (pretty obvious from Beav's rosy cheeks and my chubby arms), Pizza Hut also provided exemplary service. All our needs were met.
I was particularly impressed with their thoughtfulness to even come out with ice-breaking games so that we could get to meet new friends. The atmosphere was great. The food was good. The company was splendid. I really had a good time despite the gloomy weather outside. It was a terrific party to end my last day of school and begin my weekends. Absolutely fantabulous! 
I am now so in love with Pizza Hut that I have decided to be on the 2nd page of their menu. (I mean if they would let me, I would gladly and rather shamelessly grace the 2nd page. I mean with make-up and contacts, I think I would make a pretty decent cover girl. =p )
To prove my point, I even made myself a poster inspired from the original one. I would be the teenage/young adult version. I even have a dimple on the same side like the kid. And...we are both adorable...
Before I end off, I would like to once again thank Pizza Hut for inviting me to this party. And if there are any events like this, please do remember to send me an invite. I will be right here waiting. *winks*
And for the rest of you people, you can enjoy a meal of 4, the Christmas Party Meal at $58.90 or a meal of 2, the Christmas Delight Meal at $39.90. For more information, please visit Pizza Hut. I hope to see you there soon and I hope you see me there (on your menu) soon too as well. Cheers!