Saturday, December 29, 2012

LOTD: Brown Esplanade

My brown top/skirt is from Mikrarose. Created 2 looks for it because it is a long skirt which could actually be pulled off as a tube dress for a more sexy look. I personally prefer the look in the middle because I think it is more suited for my age. 

My hair accessory is from CamouflagenCupcakes again. It is rather retro and funky but I can't wear it to work. =( Still, I love it because it is so pink. Sighs.

My belt is from Cache Cache. I got it in a Sale. I know their clothes are so overpriced but they are just so adorable. If I don't buy it now, I probably can't buy then wear it when I am old and wrinkly. Cute looks can only be pulled off when you are young.
Diagonal Ruffle Skirt: Mikarose
Hair accessories: Camouflage N Cupcakes*
Red Belt: Cache Cache
*Amanda is currently on vacation. Will update when she's back. =D

Friday, December 28, 2012

Toy Story: Nerf Gun Fanatic 1.0

Presenting to you...

Mattel Nerf N-strike Nite Finder Ex-3 Blaster with Light Beam Targeting
I received this for my birthday not too many months back! =D
What I like about the gun:
  1. It is small and portable and you can put it in your handbag. Great for surprise attacks!
  2. It is friendly indoors. The darts don't fly that far. They are easy to find! =D
  3. It is smaller and hence more easy on the pockets. 
Too bad they only come with 3 darts, which is rather disappointing. Gotcha run around to pick them up. And they do look a little amateurish, but nothing a spray paint cannot fix! =D
There's a laser too. For girls who don't aim well, this is just fantastic. I am a girl so I am not that into Nerf Gun specifications. As long as they shoot well, look cool and brings me lots of enjoyment and entertainment, it is good fun. =)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Food Review: X'mas Meal at Ikea

Finally got around to using my Ikea card with my 100 credits in it. =D

I wanted to buy some furniture to re-organise my room, but my Mum thinks I have way too much clutter and I don't need more. Gah... =(

So I decided to treat my family to a good meal. Okay, I didn't exactly paid for it just swiped the card. But still, it is my card, ya know.
Ikea card
Anyway, Ikea is crazy on X'mas Day. Free parking for those who shopped more than 20 dollars. It was so packed, I thought I would hyper-ventilate. Okay, I am not used to seeing Ikea that packed. Usually, I only loiter on the weekdays and I have the whole place to myself. #Like a princess#
Ikea Xmas meal
For so much food, we only spent 30 dollars ++ which I thought was affordable and really worth it. I used to love the meatballs but today it was just okay.
From left to right:
X'mas Platter - $8.90
Baked Chicken Leg - $7.90
Swedish Meatballs - $5.50
8 Pcs Seafood Ring - $2.90
6 pcs Chicken Wing - $7.50
Hope everyone had a blessed Ting Ting Ting (It means X'mas in my language) and spend quality time with your loved ones. That's the whole point of Christmas right, apart from the presents under the Christmas Tree!

Friday, December 21, 2012

LOTD: Sheer Delight

I wore the Annabelle Blue Sheer Top from Lyraminn to the Wreck-It Ralph Preview. I thought it was rather casually appropriate - slightly sexy but yet not overly revealing. The quality is okay but if it is caught in some wiring, this top is probably gone for good. =(

My flats is once again from Apparel Dynasty. I am just so in love with their shoes. it just show so much character despite its demure-ness. =)
My glow in the dark shoelace just ain't glowing. I am rather disappointed with it. Tied it on my leg to make an ornament out it. Haha. Similarly, it is from Apparel Dynasty.
Annabelle Blue Sheer Top: Lyraminn
Stars and Clouds White Flats: Apparel Dynasty
Monster Glow in the Dark Shoelace: Apparel Dynasty

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph Preview

Finally got around to catching Wreck-it Ralph and it was really good. Disney once again lives up to its name, with a family-friendly movie. Seriously, the trailer doesn't do it justice because Wreck-it Ralph is really way better than the trailer.
wreck it ralph
Personally, I felt that there were some heart-wrenching moments. Okay, maybe I am just an overly emotional and sensitive young lady. Like all Disney movies, it has some really sappy exchanges of eye contacts and cliche punchlines. But it weren't that bad. 
The pace of the movie was good. And the plot had enough twist and turns to keep you glued to the screen. Obviously, the ending was pretty much expected, like all Disney movies.
The morale of the story: It is hard to fit in. Take it from me, I am an overly talkative introvert who doesn't seem to blend in anywhere. But the thing is, some of us aren't meant to fit it, we are just born to stand out. Whatever it is, I think the important thing is we have to accept who we are for what we are. Only someone who can appreciate or love himself/herself can he/she command the respect of others.
Live the way you want to live. There is no need to prove anything to anyone. Good or bad? It is all subjective. I think as long as you can live to your own conscience, then all should be fine.
There was some X'mas toy sale at the ground floor. Couldn't resist it. Captain America looks so dang cute! Omg! <3
I might just marry any guy who gets me one. LOL!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Food Review: Hello Santa @ Pizza Hut

Haha, at this rate, my blog may just be flooding with posts raving about Pizza Hut.

This time, I was invited by Santa to Pizza Hut to celebrate Christmas early. =D Well, I guess I must have been a really great gal this year. I worked my ass out for my project, attempted to go for most lectures and made significant effort to complete my tutorials. 
Seriously, Pizza Hut spoils their fans rotten. Lol! (Not that I am complaining =D ) They even made us cute frames with Santa so that we could remember this moment. Personally, I think it is thoughtful and was a really good surprise. My Dad loves it so much, he displayed it in the living room. Yup, his heart is totally bought over by Pizza Hut!
This time, Lady Luck was smiling on me. My group won the first game, a word game. I can't believe my Dad had the cheek to boast to my Mum that he was the key player of the team. -.- All he did was form short words no longer than 2 letters, and I swore he came out with less than 3 words. I managed to cough out 90+ words. Told ya gaming is good for the mind. =D
And OMG this time, we received so much goodies. Yup, you are right! My favourite is  the Xmas cap. Hehe! I always have a penchant for silly caps. And yiippppeeee, I got another apron! =D I was so afraid it would be the same design. I don't really like having doubles. =p
The menu was pretty much the same. This time I think they served an appropriate amount, the last time it was really too much. There was quite a significant amount of food wasted.
The only difference was that there is Hut's Platter. I think it is a good choice to order if you visit Pizza Hut because it allows you to try a bigger variety of their finger food. More value for money, if you ask me. =D
Birthday PizzaFor the lucky kids born in the month of Christmas, they got a lovely Birthday Pizza. Creative eh? Haha.
Like I say, Pizza Hut really knows how to make their fans feel special and loved. I think I was a fan since 2011..hmm or maybe is it early this year? Can't really remember...haha. #for now and eternity#
And, I got 50 dollars worth of Pizza Hut vouchers ~!~ 
Don't be jealous! =D You could also be pampered. Just add Pizza Hut on Facebook. It is just one click away and all these could be yours. Trust me, Pizza Hut treat their fans will be won over too. It is just a matter of time. =)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sleep Wellness: Sleep Naked for beauty sleep

I love pillows! I love pillows~!~

If you don't know this by now, now you know...I love pillows =D
Drum roll, please, my new pillow from Sleep Naked, on top of my collection of 3 pillows. =D The name seriously is hell kinky. LOL! But I like the Chinese quote embroidered on it. Every man should have a dream! After all, dreams are visions for the future. =)
Okay, frankly, I thought the pillow would be gigantic. Haha! Quite disappointed when it was pretty tiny because it is so soft and cushy. So dang comfortable to sleep on! #Big is always better#
But still, a tiny pillow is still a pillow.  It still can act like an arm rest, head rest, back rest or even a butt rest. LOL! Basically just prop it anywhere and rest your body against it! Comfy!
Pose it with a car, and dang you got a sleep swag! Hehe!
I don't know about you, but I like to bring my pillow everywhere. Okay nearly everywhere, except the toilet and out of my house. Sometimes I do bring them overseas. I know it is a bad habit. =(
In my opinion, pillows are probably any man's best friend, after a dog. I used to have like more pillows (5 to be exact). But Mummy says that it is hard to maintain, if I want to have that many pillows, i have to wash the covers myself. =(
So, I decided to cut down. Yes, I am very lazy. SO WHAT! Hahaha! 
My dad say should photoshop and add drool to it so that it is funny. -.-
To all suitors out there, obviously this is a posed photo. I usually sleep more like the tiny photo in the first collage. I swear it is true. Please don't strike my name out of your list of eligible bacherlorettes!
On a side note, this is a HK brand. =D Lately, I seem to have a penchant for anything HK. Hehe!
Visit Sleep Naked! (and you can sleep naked) *to be taken literally* HAHA!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Disney Movie with Nuffnang: Whack It Ralph!

My favorite game character is Pac-man. Lol!
Yup, I am just an old school kid. I used to play it on my computer and strategised all ways to eat up all those pesky ghosts. Hehe.
You know what's so cool about this game. It is a real simple concept yet it is so fun. 
Pac-man always remind me of a smiley face. I love how cheerful Pac-man is always, even when everything doesn't go his way and he is surrounded my "ghosts" and have no where to escape. That's the way life should be, isn't it? 
Smile- because you don't know what good things may come next. =)
Now, this is the story of my life. Sadly, at this point in time, I feel that only money makes the world goes round. 
Guess what there's going to be a new movie coming in town and it is Wreck-It Ralph! Really anticipating it, because I am just into anything Disney!!!
I read through the synopsis and I have to say the story seems rather interesting. It is about a villain who is becoming tired of the life he lead. I think I can understand what he is going through. The only difference between us both - he has the courage to become what he believes he is meant for and go all out to achieve it. Definitely something I can learn from and should improve on.
Check out the trailer.

Catch Disney’s WRECK-IT RALPH in Singapore cinemas this 20 December 2012 and like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow @disneystudiosSG and subscribe to the Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

LOTD: Brown never looked so Good!

I received my Trench dress in Khaki from Ashleysinn. And it is so cute. Confidence booster! =D I didn't expect it to be so flattering. Lol!

Only downside, it crumples easily because of its material. =( There is a sale now! =D Will probably buy more clothes once Mum stop monitoring my expenditure. Gah!
I think I will buy another pair of pumps (or more) from Apparel Dynasty once I get my own house. It is just so me! Even their flats look cute. I don't know whether I can wear it to work though. =( Otherwise it is just perfect.
A pink flower made of zip from CamouflagenCupcakes! *Hearts* Enough said =p Can't find it at its website anymore. Sighs!
Trench dress in Khaki: Ashleysinn
ZAP Pumps: Apparel Dynasty
Zipper Flower: CamouflagenCupcakes