Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Food Review: X'mas Meal at Ikea

Finally got around to using my Ikea card with my 100 credits in it. =D

I wanted to buy some furniture to re-organise my room, but my Mum thinks I have way too much clutter and I don't need more. Gah... =(

So I decided to treat my family to a good meal. Okay, I didn't exactly paid for it just swiped the card. But still, it is my card, ya know.
Ikea card
Anyway, Ikea is crazy on X'mas Day. Free parking for those who shopped more than 20 dollars. It was so packed, I thought I would hyper-ventilate. Okay, I am not used to seeing Ikea that packed. Usually, I only loiter on the weekdays and I have the whole place to myself. #Like a princess#
Ikea Xmas meal
For so much food, we only spent 30 dollars ++ which I thought was affordable and really worth it. I used to love the meatballs but today it was just okay.
From left to right:
X'mas Platter - $8.90
Baked Chicken Leg - $7.90
Swedish Meatballs - $5.50
8 Pcs Seafood Ring - $2.90
6 pcs Chicken Wing - $7.50
Hope everyone had a blessed Ting Ting Ting (It means X'mas in my language) and spend quality time with your loved ones. That's the whole point of Christmas right, apart from the presents under the Christmas Tree!

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