Saturday, December 29, 2012

LOTD: Brown Esplanade

My brown top/skirt is from Mikrarose. Created 2 looks for it because it is a long skirt which could actually be pulled off as a tube dress for a more sexy look. I personally prefer the look in the middle because I think it is more suited for my age. 

My hair accessory is from CamouflagenCupcakes again. It is rather retro and funky but I can't wear it to work. =( Still, I love it because it is so pink. Sighs.

My belt is from Cache Cache. I got it in a Sale. I know their clothes are so overpriced but they are just so adorable. If I don't buy it now, I probably can't buy then wear it when I am old and wrinkly. Cute looks can only be pulled off when you are young.
Diagonal Ruffle Skirt: Mikarose
Hair accessories: Camouflage N Cupcakes*
Red Belt: Cache Cache
*Amanda is currently on vacation. Will update when she's back. =D

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