Tuesday, December 4, 2012

LOTD: Brown never looked so Good!

I received my Trench dress in Khaki from Ashleysinn. And it is so cute. Confidence booster! =D I didn't expect it to be so flattering. Lol!

Only downside, it crumples easily because of its material. =( There is a sale now! =D Will probably buy more clothes once Mum stop monitoring my expenditure. Gah!
I think I will buy another pair of pumps (or more) from Apparel Dynasty once I get my own house. It is just so me! Even their flats look cute. I don't know whether I can wear it to work though. =( Otherwise it is just perfect.
A pink flower made of zip from CamouflagenCupcakes! *Hearts* Enough said =p Can't find it at its website anymore. Sighs!
Trench dress in Khaki: Ashleysinn
ZAP Pumps: Apparel Dynasty
Zipper Flower: CamouflagenCupcakes

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