Friday, December 21, 2012

LOTD: Sheer Delight

I wore the Annabelle Blue Sheer Top from Lyraminn to the Wreck-It Ralph Preview. I thought it was rather casually appropriate - slightly sexy but yet not overly revealing. The quality is okay but if it is caught in some wiring, this top is probably gone for good. =(

My flats is once again from Apparel Dynasty. I am just so in love with their shoes. it just show so much character despite its demure-ness. =)
My glow in the dark shoelace just ain't glowing. I am rather disappointed with it. Tied it on my leg to make an ornament out it. Haha. Similarly, it is from Apparel Dynasty.
Annabelle Blue Sheer Top: Lyraminn
Stars and Clouds White Flats: Apparel Dynasty
Monster Glow in the Dark Shoelace: Apparel Dynasty

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