Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Disney Movie with Nuffnang: Whack It Ralph!

My favorite game character is Pac-man. Lol!
Yup, I am just an old school kid. I used to play it on my computer and strategised all ways to eat up all those pesky ghosts. Hehe.
You know what's so cool about this game. It is a real simple concept yet it is so fun. 
Pac-man always remind me of a smiley face. I love how cheerful Pac-man is always, even when everything doesn't go his way and he is surrounded my "ghosts" and have no where to escape. That's the way life should be, isn't it? 
Smile- because you don't know what good things may come next. =)
Now, this is the story of my life. Sadly, at this point in time, I feel that only money makes the world goes round. 
Guess what there's going to be a new movie coming in town and it is Wreck-It Ralph! Really anticipating it, because I am just into anything Disney!!!
I read through the synopsis and I have to say the story seems rather interesting. It is about a villain who is becoming tired of the life he lead. I think I can understand what he is going through. The only difference between us both - he has the courage to become what he believes he is meant for and go all out to achieve it. Definitely something I can learn from and should improve on.
Check out the trailer.

Catch Disney’s WRECK-IT RALPH in Singapore cinemas this 20 December 2012 and like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow @disneystudiosSG and subscribe to the Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel!

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