Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sleep Wellness: Sleep Naked for beauty sleep

I love pillows! I love pillows~!~

If you don't know this by now, now you know...I love pillows =D
Drum roll, please, my new pillow from Sleep Naked, on top of my collection of 3 pillows. =D The name seriously is hell kinky. LOL! But I like the Chinese quote embroidered on it. Every man should have a dream! After all, dreams are visions for the future. =)
Okay, frankly, I thought the pillow would be gigantic. Haha! Quite disappointed when it was pretty tiny because it is so soft and cushy. So dang comfortable to sleep on! #Big is always better#
But still, a tiny pillow is still a pillow.  It still can act like an arm rest, head rest, back rest or even a butt rest. LOL! Basically just prop it anywhere and rest your body against it! Comfy!
Pose it with a car, and dang you got a sleep swag! Hehe!
I don't know about you, but I like to bring my pillow everywhere. Okay nearly everywhere, except the toilet and out of my house. Sometimes I do bring them overseas. I know it is a bad habit. =(
In my opinion, pillows are probably any man's best friend, after a dog. I used to have like more pillows (5 to be exact). But Mummy says that it is hard to maintain, if I want to have that many pillows, i have to wash the covers myself. =(
So, I decided to cut down. Yes, I am very lazy. SO WHAT! Hahaha! 
My dad say should photoshop and add drool to it so that it is funny. -.-
To all suitors out there, obviously this is a posed photo. I usually sleep more like the tiny photo in the first collage. I swear it is true. Please don't strike my name out of your list of eligible bacherlorettes!
On a side note, this is a HK brand. =D Lately, I seem to have a penchant for anything HK. Hehe!
Visit Sleep Naked! (and you can sleep naked) *to be taken literally* HAHA!

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