Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bonne année!!

Bonne année!! Happy new year!!
It is a brand new year. And hopefully a good one too :)
I think 2013 has ended off on a pretty high note. I snagged myself the most boring yet somewhat entertaining guy in the whole world. LOL! Sounds like an irony. I have the "bestest" job ever. At least it fits my current lifestyle and priorities in life. Hurray!
Absolutely agree, new year are always a great time to embrace new beginnings.
I think my goals are clear:
  • Good Grades
  • Higher Pay
  • And continue being so cool 
  • Ok, and be a fantabulous GF :)
Ending off with a cute video I received this year as I venture to the west to celebrate while everyone makes their way to town. o.O

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry X'mas!

To all readers of ForFunk,
Have a blessed one and lots of presents this year :)
Sharing with you all some of the photos on X'mas Day Christmas lighting at Orchard this year.
The winner of the Christmas Lighting this year - Orchard Central. Well, after all, only they made the effort. Definitely, a worthy winner.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Nuffnang Lovin’ Christmas Countdown Part 2: Christmas Party Snacks with Ayam Brand

Yeah, I guess this year X'mas just came early today. Was invited by Nuffnang to join fellow bloggers to learn and feast on some Christmas snacks made using Ayam brand products.
Food Playground
I was actually feeling pretty excited because I wanted to go down to Food Playground for the longest time. And as what many bloggers have raved, it is really indeed a very casual kitchen for you to hone your culinary skills. The BF will probably be glad that I have finally re-learned the proper way to hold the knife (pretty much stopped cooking after I came back from overseas *gives sheepish look*)
I know my chef hat looks terrible. Sian, I have really no artistic talent in me. 
Food PlaygroundI learned a total of 3 recipes from the great masters who taught us with great enthusiasm. And I can now flaunt them during any gathering or parties I host. The Christmas Barley Salad was particularly easy and considering I am a salad lover, I think I am probably going to prepare this dish quite often.
The Chilli Tuna Curry Puffs are a little tougher, will probably wait for the occasion to call for it to be presented HAHA. Mummy can't wait for me to start doing my Vietnamese spring rolls ;P
And to my team, thank you so much for helping with all the tedious preparation work. Honestly, I am so bad at cooking, I can only do all the easy tasks. Kinda of paiseh about it, even though I am silent about it. *Awkward Grins*
I will practice harder and the next time you see me in a cooking event, you know I am bringing home the big prize for you *Smiles*
Group Presentation
This isn't magic, but with the same food, these are the dishes the other groups came out with. I can't stress the importance enough on food presentation. All my friends are always bemused and irritated by how long I can spend arranging my food. But seriously, it can either make it or break it. Sigh, you guys just don't get it do you? LOL!
At least now you do :P
Thank you really Ayam Brand and Nuffnang and Food Playground (my bf wants to thank you too), cos you guys have sparked a little flame for cooking (the fiery little passion growing each day)! I thought I liked cooking but I didn't know I love it so much Haha!
With all my stash of products, I think I will be experimenting cooking. Geez, hopefully this don't become a food blog soon.LOL!
Signing off with a lovely group photo :)
P.S: Probably heading down to Food Playground soon with an army of coy people or BF :)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Welcome to the B.A.N.D

I know you are curious. Hey, what's the band? Well it is the Blogger's Appreciation Night (hosted by) Domino. Lol. I petty much coined up the term myself. You are forgiven if you have never heard about it.
This is held in appreciation of all Domino's fans and supporters. Despite this being my first Domino's Blogger Event, I have to say I am kinda of impressed by the number of food tasting session Domino has held for bloggers over the years!
Apart from some casual chit-chat, there's a lot of delicious pizzas, finger food and my favourite dessert - Chocolate Lava Cake!
From left to right:
Crazy Chicken Crunches
Golden Roasted Drumlets
Onion Rings (It was really good. Would have finished the whole thing just that I am afraid people will STOMP me.. oops)
Prawn Sensation
Chili Chicken with Cheesy crust
Choc Lava Cake
Yummy, sigh. Super delicious. The chocolate was thickly good. I love it icy cold though. Maybe you guys can try it when you are too full and save it for the next day in the fridge. :)
And some interesting Domino Facts :)
  • All the food are cooked in the oven! (Healthy)
  • Pizzas can be booked 7 days in advance
  • GPS Tracker - whereabouts of the pizza can be cooked
  • Up to 5 addresses can be registered in the online account
And we all bought home a Domino Calendar...Yeah! Mummy love the discount coupons at the bottom. More pizzas next year? Haha, maybe baby!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

I am now sponsored by Aupie!

Dear Santa,
thank you for giving me a great X'mas this year!

To all my beloved readers, I bring you great news! I am now being sponsored by Aupie. (Check my side link!) This means every month, I will be receiving some nice stuff which I will be flaunting to you kids. :P
This is really a big milestone for ForFunk! There is now less to fret for every LOTD. :) Less wrinkles and white hair for me. Soon, I will look as though I drank from the fountain of youth. :) 
In my excitement, I have compiled my potential loots to my beach resort trip :)
** For every little thing you point, you can accumulate points (rebates) for your next purchase! Good deal, isn't it?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Promise of Playful nights

You don't have to be naked to be sexy
--Nicole Kidman
And I am starting to have a sense of maybe it's true. Foreplay is definitely more erotic than actual sex itself. After all, our minds and imagination have no boundaries.
And to arouse, I think lingerie works best. It is somewhat modest but yet revealing, leaving lots of space for the mind to wander, fantasize and eventually explore. 
Playful Promises
I am recently introduced to Playful Promises, and boy its name does suggest a lot of kinky, cheeky bedroom surprises and fun. Playful Promises is based in London with a wicked collection of flirty lingerie clothing, swimwear, hosiery and accessories! First fashioned by Emma Parker in 2004, Playful Promises is now one of my dream dress-up boudoir. 
Nipple PastiesNipple pasties!!! I sort of flipped when I saw it. Haha! I think it is rare in Asia...or maybe not that rare just that I am a real nun. :(
Nonetheless, I still find the design intriguing and a nice nipple decor. :) So I thought, I just had to highlight this!!! Plus, it is at a humble price between 18-35 pounds. Definitely worth the money to add more sparks and variety into the bedroom activities!
And to those who are more conservative in nature. Here are some apparels that are really gorgeous. I have shortlisted the sheer bow blouse and kimono jackets. I really love the way the kimono jackets are paired with the corset! Strikingly stylish!
From Left to Right:
And finally, (drum rolls please) presenting my ultimate favourite piece!
The peach detail waspie! The lace, the colour, the details, it just makes me wanna go straight to the reveal just to flaunt this piece if it was on me.

I am not surprised if you are already clicking your way to Playful Promises. But, hey be nice and be kind, do save me a piece that I have just made known to you. I really like them you know!!! :P

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Affordable Wedding Dresses Collection with MaxNina.com

I am coming to the age whereby all my friends are slowly getting married and no longer in the dating market. So, it comes to the point I am having more wedding invites and is beginning to fret over the lack of decent dresses.
Max Nina
Picking the right dress can be a very delicate subject. Much as I do not want to upstage the bride, neither do I want to look like a frump. This is the moment where I am going to meet old friends/ classmates etc. Definitely I want to put my best self forward. :)
Introducing to you MaxNina.com, this is a website where all your wedding dresses, party reveling frocks and D&D gowns needs will be satisfied.
Here are some of my personal favourites on the site. This dresses are not too fanciful and can be worn even for work. Definitely value for money especially with the huge discounts. :)
From Left to Right:
2Even if it is a themed wedding, there are some more fanciful dresses that would give you the "oomph" factor. Best of all, it is still equally affordable. :)
From Left to Right:

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Toy Story: Mini Me with nanoblock

Nope, it's not magic but my Fortune Cat at home has shrunken to a mini height of not more than 6cm! Incredulous, isn't it? Such detailed precision despite being so small in size.
I am pretty most of you have seen nanoblock even if you don't know they are called nanoblock. So far, I have seen them in bookstores and even in Singapore Science Center!
They are pretty much like Lego bricks just that they are extremely small with the smallest part being a mere 4x4 mm. Despite being so tiny, they are equally precise and fits perfectly on each other and provide BIG GREAT (oh the irony, LOL) fun even for a young lady like me. :)
Fortune Cat
The finishing product I have to say whether from the back, the front, or even from the side, it is detailed and looks good from all angles.
And I really like the fact that it is not too difficult to build even though the blocks are really small. The really difficult block is those 1" x 1" tiny pieces. Because it is so small, even I seem clumsy with them.
And since it is a mini little project, it doesn't really take much time. I took about 15 minutes in all and this includes setting up the camera. You can check out my video below. 
  • You can paste the stickers on both sides so that your Fortune Cat can show 2 well-wishes.
  • It is a lot more easier to build them if you rotate them as you build instead of positioning it at the same place. (I did that when I was filming initially.)
  • The smallest block is the toughest one cos it is hard to push something tinier than a seed of an apple into the right position.
Spare pieces
  • Don't sweat too much if you lose a piece. Each set comes with extras. And if worse comes to worse, you can always contact their distributor, Lancashire Marketing!
  • For newbies, don't worry there's a guide to show you step-by-step. And when you grow to become an expert, you will be able to even build minions with the spare blocks you accumulate!!! :) :) :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Winning: Silky Girl Strawberries

Feeling hungry? Here's a box of delicious strawberries! :)
strawberries td
But wait one of them ain't a real berry! Which one isit!!!
Gosh, it is so adorably realistic! My "favouritest" thumbdrive at the moment. *Grins gleefully*
Hip hip hurray to Silky Girl for such a limited edition cute strawberry! Yummy! :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Step by step: I am 1

Feeling somewhat excited and happy like a proud mummy now because my blog is now 1 years old!!! Okay, it is not exactly very old but still I think ForFunk has made pretty significant gigantic baby steps to be where it is now!
Of course, I have to say, blogging nearly 100 posts in a year means that:
  1. I have been somewhat disciplined in my course of pursuing the art of writing and reviewing.
  2. As an individual, I am growing more interesting, having the chance to try out new, fascinating products out in the market.
  3. Out of the near 100 posts, I have a few much better posts that have won me some sweet treats :)

And I wouldn't been able to do all these without them.
Sponsors-1 year
I definitely want to thank them for the trust and faith they had in me. After all, I am new, young and still growing. So really appreciate the vote of confidence there. I think i missed  out a few because of some awfully belated reviews. I will update this thank you collage...real soon. This is too small to do these brands justice!!!
Dear Santa Letterform
And for the next year ForFunk,
Mummy wishes to have more time for you so that you will grow and produce better writing. May your review and photography skills improve further so that you give better value for your sponsors. And win a few contests too! Make Mummy proud!!!
I think at this point in time, ForFunk is open to review invites but not paid reviews. Partially, it is to retain the integrity of the blog and also because I don't feel we are ready for that. We got definitively more growing up to do.
ForFunk is mainly about anything fun and funky. Do feel free to approach us if you find that we are a good fit for your advertising needs.
We say a loud resounding YES to:
  • Toy reviews - I love toys so much. I really can't say no!
  • Fashion related reviews - There is never too many clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for a girl like me!
  • Spa/ Facial/ Hair/ Gym/ Nails - Simply because I am a user of such services and swear by them
  • Events invites - I am tragically boring and I need such stuff to occupy my time...
  • Food reviews - I actually won the first blogging contest in the category of food. I don't really see myself staying out of it forever...haha
  • And lastly anything that is totally unconventional that nobody wants to write about it, just try hitting me up :)

Thank you all so much for reading dear strangers...
you take me one step closer to a writer's dream...<3

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS! : A walk around the world with SKECHERS

give a girl
Everyone knows this lady, and what she says makes complete sense. Shoes are a staple accessory that could either make or break your look. And a comfy one will definitely for sure bring you to great places around the world.
So today, using Skechers Shoes, I will teleport you...hehe just kidding...just share with you the different looks I created for the different parts of the world along with my style interpretation!
Parisan Skechers
Parisan Skechers
This is what I will definitely decked in if I ever have the chance to go to Paris one more time. Now I am no longer going as a poor exchange student. I chose to done something smart causal. Bobs Planet Topside in navy blue is picked because it is simple, classy and not over-the top.
A sweater love top suited for this city of love along with casual skinny jean. A golden bracelet and watch just to show "richer than a student" Haha. And a nice bag to put my camera, hp and passport to finish the look!
Yorker Skechers
Yorker Skechers
Have to say it is somewhat inspired from SATC.  For a cosmopolitan lady, I wanted some variety from the typical heels, so I opted for hidden wedges. SKCH Plus 3 - Raise Your Glass seems to be the perfect choice! It is fun and sporty and allows for casual strolls in the park after a busy day at work without your feet feeling too sore.
Chose a brown mocha coat to go along so it still looks somewhat "officy" Decided to end off with a huge red ba(n)g to provide a splash of colours into this autumn look.
Spanglish Skechers
spanglish skechers
The last time I traveled to Spain, I was rather impressed with the Spanish style. After all, they are the founding nation of Zara, Bershka and Desigual, my favourite brands! I wanted to do a causal street style just for the fun, passionate city and spangled up with Daddy'$ Money: Gimme - Starry Skies shoe. It also comes along with a hidden wedge to give the young lady a boost in height.
It is more of a summer look so I had a flora skirt and a cropped top that screams REBLOG IS A MUST! Yes, please re-blog thank you very much. It is all about layering when it comes to accessories - stacked rings and stacked bracelets. Gives a gypsy girl aura along with a worn leather bag. Ended off with gigantic earphones so as to dance along to the sexy Spanish tempo!

A shoe has so much more to offer than just a walk. Even if you are not convinced by me, you will sure be convinced by the Disney Royalty Haha! So make a change to your life, hurry down to one of the Skechers Store to test a comfy footwear today. :)

SKECHERS Concept Stores:
Tampines 1 #03-02 Tel: 6260 2190
Jurong Point #01-16J Tel: 6795 7478
ION Orchard #B2-14 Tel: 6884 6567
Queensway #01-14 Tel: 6475 2515
Compass Point #01-21/22 Tel:  6388 7375
Nex Serangoon #01-32 Tel: 6634 4351
Parkway Parade #02-40/41 Tel: 6346 2556
Causeway Point #01-30 Tel: 6893 3901
The Clementi Mall #04-41/42 Tel: 6659 1822
Changi City Point #02-42 Tel: 6636 1078
VivoCity #02-13/14 Tel: 6270 4211
Raffles City #03-06/07 6338 3356
Jem #03-35 Tel: 6734 9678
Bugis Junction #02-18 Tel: 6336 8303
Opening Soon: Bedok Mall

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Charity: Smile with Ronald on #mchappydaysg

Ronald Smiles
This year, 500 staff volunteers have hit the streets on 10 November to sell "Ronald Smiles" to raise funds to RMHC, Ronald McDonald House Charities. For those who are unaware, RMHC is an independent charity that has been running a "home-away-from-home" facility at NUH (National University Hospital) for families with children in intensive care since January this year.
I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers invited to the flag off. The street sales was launched at Jem's McDonald. There were so many people in red. Deafening cheers filled the air, displaying the Mac family great volunteering spirit.
The 500-strong staff volunteers hit the streets of Singapore. Members of the public could buy a "Ronald Smile" for just S$2. It is apparent from their enthusiasm, the culture of giving back to the community is a integral party of McDonald's culture!
Hao Shi
Haha, whether young or old, Singaporeans are just eager to do good :) You, my dear readers can your part too! "Ronald McDonald Big Red Shoes" bench will be located at different parts of Singapore from 26 October to 22 November. All you have to do is submit photos of yourselves posing at the bench through Instagram and include the hashtag #mchappydaysg along the photo! 
For every photo, McDonald will be donating S$1 capped at 5000 entries. The location of the benches can be found at the following area:
Dhoby Ghaut (NEL MRT Station) --> 26 Oct - 1 Nov
Harbourfront (NEL MRT Station) --> 2 Nov - 8 Nov
Toa Payoh Bus Interchange --> 9 Nov to 15 Nov
Boon Lay Bus Interchange --> 16 Nov to 22 Nov

Loving it
So join all us bloggers now in this noble goal to raise funds along with MAC!

**About Ronald McDonald Charities in Singapore
The first Ronald McDonald Charities was established in memory of his founder to provide care and comfort to children and their families. Since 1989, the charity has helped more than 900 needy children with medical, rehabilitative and surgical treatments costing more than 5 Million in grants.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Review: Absolutely Nails

Courtesy of The Influencer Network and Absolutely Nails, I had beautiful nails for my D&D. I have gamely named them Flowery Fingers and Twinkle Toes. Uncreative but absolutely apt names! Hehe!
Comfy Chair
Once inside Absolutely Nails newly located at 136 East Coast, you will be first welcomed by the gaily decorated seats. Each chair comes with a cushion to support your sore, tired back after a hard day at work. P.S even the laptop is feeling blissfully comfy on its chairs!
Foot DelightMy feet was spoilt rotten, first given a nice scrub and filing off of dead skin. There were so many colours and everything looks so nice and apt. I wanted blue, so I picked a sparkly sky blue for my toes. I think I picked it cos it matched my slippers. Hahazzz...
princess nails
It was a lot harder taking photos of my fingers with my tablet. Here's one blurry photo of me being a blissful princess, pampered on my royal throne. LOL! I have proudly declared myself Princess of Cambridge for my D&D. 
Absolutely Nails
Envious? Go to  Absolutely Nails lor! Haha! They offer services such as classic/french Manicure & Pedicure, 2D/3D Nail Art, Acrylic/Gel/Extension. Surely, you will find something to suit your royal taste buds. :)
Happy Nails
Happy fingers signing off...till next time...