Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LOTD: Crazy Nerd

My striped cardigan is from Bunnbury. I love it! it is really pretty! And it was on sale for 8 dollars. I am now wearing it everyday when it is slightly chilly. I wanted to buy more cardi, but my friend stopped me. She said it is stupid to buy too similar clothes. =( 

First time I am trying Fishnets. Hehe. Funky but it makes my legs more slender than it looks. And it is affordably good. o.O  

My heels are from Ugglebo. Will be showing them the world soon. =)

Paired the whole outfit with a Forever 21 love necklace.
Crazy Nerd
Blue and Green Stripes: Bunburry
Wide Mesh Fishnets: We love colours
Etna: Sandgrensclog
Love Necklace: Forever 21

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