Tuesday, January 15, 2013

LOTD: Pretty in Bleu

You wear this going out?

Yes, I do. =D I love my checkered stockings from We Love Colours! Very edgy and colourful. It suits my somewhat Hippie Nature. 
My pink loafers are from UK. I love them. I have been wearing them once a week. =D I got it during the Christmas sales for around 20 Pound. I think it is a good deal. Comfy and it is pink. No complains on my side!
Okay, I think it is a little ding dong (crazy) to put on such crazy hair accessories sometimes. I do it when I am feeling a little braver than normal. XD
Pretty in Bleu
Dark Sky Flower: Clara's Creation
Pink Loafers: UK
Blue Zig Zag Checkerboard Tights: We Love Colours

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