Friday, January 11, 2013

Fashion Collage: Blast from the past

Hehe... Made a collage using the jewelry found at Madlady. They are my top 8 choices and most of them are affordable, except for..,one. =( What do you think about it? I think I have talent. *Shameless me*
I used a more retro style to give it a refreshing twist since they are very funky jewelry. If you guys think it is good, I might do more of it and show off my artistic flare. =D
be mad
So this is a shopping site I just found...MadLady. Okay it does sound like it is describing me. I like its catch phrase "Don't be a chicken. Be mad!"
I was looking through some of its summer clothes and they were screaming out to me "get me, girl!" I have to admit it is totally my style. But if I do win 30 Euros, I think I will first get the bralets (which is something I have been hunting for) or maybe the Skirt with Sunset or maybe the.. (yes I know counting your chickens before they hatch is not a very good trait to have. *pouts*) Geez, can somebody tell me when my pay is coming in!
Do you think that they might need authentic Asian models? I am dying to earn for my keep of the clothes. Being a girl is really hard, so many fashion choices, my head hurts already. Any advice, people?
Without further ado, presenting to you... my work of art! =D
Clockwise from top:
Necklace Blue Feather Dream (10E): Love the bright Colbat Blue!
Long Black and White Feather Earring (8E): Looks one of a kind, don't you think?
Bohemian Chic - Silver Bead Necklace (30E): First accessory that caught my eye!
Pastel Bracelet - Milkshake (15E): A rainbow that looked so irresistibly delicious!
Ring Peace (10E): For world peace! And it is casual enough to go with anything!
Bone Necklace - Bohemia (15E): Simple and classy. =)
Earrings Silver Moon (239E): Expensive taste I know, but it looks really elegant!
Om Mani Padme Hum Gold - Buddha Jewelry (28E): All that was going through my head. LOTR! LOL!

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