Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: Moisturizer From Korea

After my aunt read my palm telling me I am blessed with a good line, I have been anxiously protecting the fortune lines on my palm. I am obsessing with hand moisturizer. =D

All my friends say that it doesn't work this way. For all I know, I may smoothed those lines away. Really?!?
Anyway, my friend got me this when she was is Korea. Finally, I got around to using this. Mmmmm...it smells so good. Peach-like to be very precise. It ain't that good in moisturizing, but I am a sucker for the nice fruity smell. =D Plus, I have absolutely no intention to smoothed out my lucky palm lines. Hahaha!
I have been feeling really tired and shagged lately. I might probably test out some of the face masks from my friends soon. =P

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