Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Housekeeping Talk: Keep it orderly for 2013

Well, Happy 2013 folks!

I hope 2012 was kind to you. If it isn't, don't dwell on the past too much. After all, it is passing water. Do look forward and give a future a chance to present you with all the blessings it has in store for you. =D
During the new year, I like to give myself a new start. And usually, I do this by fervently packing my stuff. I like to think of it as organising your life up so that I am ready to accept better stuff.  Great way to prepare a good start. Haha
the ribbon
I know this may be an ordinary looking ribbon. But do not under-estimate what this may do for you, ladies in particular. 
I, myself have lots of hair accessories. mainly clips. Most of the time, I misplace them and toss them into some random corner. 
So with this ribbon, I pretty much clip all my stuff on it. And I hang it to the side of a hanger alongside my belts and ties in my wardrobe. I could even slot some headbands on its bottom.
If you want this too, you can get this at Camouflage N CupcakesIf you have any ingenious ideas to arrange your stuff, do share them with me, I am a neat freak every once in quarter. =D You could always drop me an email if you are too shy to leave a comment. I don't bite. =p 

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