Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pretty in Pink: Sonic Gear Ear Plugs

Just thought I would share with you all what I bought today: A new Sonic Gear Ear Plugs. My Apple ear phones broke down on me. Yesterday, I could still hear from one of the earphone but today both sides were intermittently working and it was getting irritating. I couldn't live without music so I just had to get a new pair today when I was out to catch a movie.

Okay, I will be frank, I bought this earphones because of the cute travel case that came with it. My I-Shuffle could fit snugly in it. And well, it was PINK, my favourite colour. I guess it was pretty irresistible. And the price was very attractive. Most earphones had an average of 10% discount. But this was cheaper by 5 dollars. So, obviously, I was pretty fixated with the great value.
The sales guy tried tempting me to other brands for their warranty, specifications etc. I told him I just wanted a pair of earphones that could survive a few drenches during heavy downpours. I know I am an oddball. LOL!
For people who are interested in the specifications:
  • Super noise isolation earplug with travel case
  • 4 pairs of top grade silicon gel
  • Clear strong and deep base audio (Tested it and it works really well on my ishuffle and laptop)
I just Googled it and it is based in Singapore. =D I am sure glad to support local products. Do support it too as it is really good for music lovers. I will update you on its lifespan once this pair breathes its last on me. *Fingers Crossed*


  1. Cool. So are they still functioning now? I really love having noise isolation earplugs on my earphones, especially when I’m travelling and trying to drown out everything around me. Or in need of earplugs to sleep, for that matter. Would they happen to come in different colors? I’m hoping there’s a white variant, so it would look like my old earphones. – Freeman

    1. Hi Freeman, unfortunately they are not functioning now. I actually had to do a 1-to-1 exchange 2 months after I started using it. The new piece only lasted about half a year.

      It is a pity though, because it blocks out sound pretty well. But, after a while, you can start hearing from 1 earpiece. It frustrates me :( But if you are justing using it as an earplug, I think it is a good but expensive choice.

      They do come in different colours. I can't remember if I saw white, but it is a basic colour. Think they should have it :)