Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Cinderella Story: Scotch Magic Tape Dispensers

Girls, you just got to check out Scotch new product - Scotch Magic Tape Dispensers. After all, heels are every girl's best friend. Haha. I came out with that line. So it may not be true for all ladies out there. 
Scotch was really kind to DHL me the product. First thing my parents commented was, "Hey, where's the other shoe?" That's how real this pair look. I am so in love with the Zebra Stripes. White on black or is it black on white? I just love how confusing this is going to be. =D
For those are into specifications:
  • Includes 1 roll of Scotch Magic Tape - the orginal matte-finish, invisible tape. Write on it with pen, pencil or marker.
  • Stylish, refillable Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser that personalises your space and keeps your favourite Scotch brand tape at your fingertips, at home, at work or at school
Just a suggestion of modification: You could even make it to become a pen holder. The possibilities are probably endless. 
If you are artistic enough, you could even try re-designing the heel to make it your dream killer heels. I would do that, just that time isn't really on my side this month. Maybe next month. =D
3M Scotch Heels tape
These are the the default designs available. I had a hard time deciding between pink and zebra stripes. After all, pink is my favourite colour but stripes seems rather funky with a tinge of elegance.
I personally feel that the design you pick would reflect your personality. This is my take on it:
Black: Classic colour. Possibly someone who doesn't really like to take too much risk. A serious, mature young woman.
Stripes: Adventurous but yet willing to conform to society's expectations of a young lady with a subtle rebellious streak.
Pink: Cheerful young girl. Optimistic and child-like with a love of rainbows and colours in her life.
Shinny Snake Prints: Fashionable and loud. Outrageously bold and audacious. Lives life for herself and the world may keep their opinions to themselves.

So what do you think about my analysis? Haha
For those who are interested in getting one yourself, you can find it in all the typical mainstream bookstores. =)

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