Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Disney Movie with Nuffnang: OZ

I have been really excited about this movie since I saw it trailers in the theaters. No, actually I am so crazy about it I even rave about it when I walked pass it poster to any of my friends that would listen.

The trailer is just completely intriguing. Starting off in black and white, you will first be misled to think it is a period movie. But no, you are wrong. Soon, you will be taken into a new world - Oz. Be prepared to blown away by its beautiful, dream-like backdrop. The CGI effects is just surreal enough to convince me that the land of Oz truly exist.
But what really excites me about this film is James Franco. Ever since I watched him in Spider Man, I knew I am in love with him. Haha. And this time, I am glad he got this role as the Great Wizard. I believe this would definitely stretch his acting potential. He is definitely more than a pretty face.

Catch Disney’s OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL in Singapore cinemas this 7 March 2013,  like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow @disneystudiosSG and subscribe to the Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel!
By the way, you can also take part in the “Tweet To Win” promotional contest on Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page where you stand to win additional movie premiums =)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Kinky gift ideas

Valentine Day was approximately one week ago. But this doesn't mean that apart from that special day, romantic gestures are not welcome.

Lately, subscription for beauty products have been raging throughout Singapore. In a way, it's a little saturated. But I am pretty sure none of you have ever seen a subscription like this one.
panty by post
For the delicate-minded, this may sound overly kinky. But I think it is a refreshingly bold concept. It is no different from shopping online for lingerie, just a little more excitement because you do not know what you are getting.
I am glad to have a chance to review their products. And I do have some "great expectations" for it. The panties inclusive of postage are priced around 40 SGD. Bench-marking from there, I would expect a sexy, somewhat exquisite piece of Truimph standards. 
Panty By Post
Packaging wise, I love it for its simplicity and elegance. Nothing cheap-looking, I think it would make a great gift to an intimate lady friend (whether you are a male or female, haha). 
And perhaps they knew what was in my head, that panty I received is coincidentally named "Great Expectations" and in my favourite colour too - pink. =)
great expectations
This seductive undies makes me blush to wear it. But it does makes me feel a little sexier and I like it as it is airy. Great for our weather. 
An improvement for this concept is to allow the subscribers to buy more of the type of underwear they receive, especially if they love it. I do know a few oddly "inflexible" people who only wear a selected type of design.
And best of all, there is a also a free gift if you refer a friend or renew a subscription. So, do remember to quote me when you place an order so that I will get my free gift. Meanwhile I am just going to prance around in my new underwear and check myself out in the mirror. =D
And thank you Natalie, for giving me an opportunity to test Panty By Post out!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I love Nuffnang

I love writing, I really do. For the longest while, I wondered what is the fascination over blogging. But once I started, I was hooked. It was a platform which allowed me to explore my creativity and venture into new territories.

I don't really write for any particular audience. Sometimes I litter the blog with whatever that pops into my mind, whether frivolous or serious. However, at times I do find some problems coming out with topics to write. And thanks to blogging communities like Nuffnang, I am provided with blogging ideas.
Of course, there are many blogging committees, but Nuffnang is actually the first I joined. At first, I was rather dubious if I would be provided with any opportunities. I was a new blogger and I didn't have a strong reader base. But Nuffnang was very supportive of new bloggers and I received a few invitations for movie reviews. I have to say it really made my day!
And I am glad to congratulate Nuffnang for hitting 6. At such a tender age, it is already so popular and achieved so much. I am truly proud of you. This year, I hope  you will extend an invitation to me for your birthday bash. I would love to share this joyous moment with you.
So please pick me, I want to be part of Nuffnang’s 6th Birthday Bash at Ballymoons.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Project Runway: Lashes of London

Ever envisioned a runway?

This will how my runway look, using apparels in my wishlist from Lashes of London.
runway lash
The runway looks pretty good, don't you think? It was my old school project drawing.
I will probably design another next time when I am feeling arty. =)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fashion Collage: Dress For Hire

You know something, I think it is really hard to dress stylishly for work or a work interview. 

Yes, I am at an age I have to dress with some class and professionalism and prepare myself for the corporate world.
Here's an outfit I came up with from ASOS website and Marc. b products, kindly advise if it is appropriate. =D
From left to right (in pounds):
Missguided Contrast Tux Blazer (29.99): I love blazers. They usually add immediate sophistication to a simple outfit. And this blazer is rather unique, don't you think? It has a duo tone, upping the style factor.
Urban Outfitters Spike Top Knot Holder (6.00): Just to bring out the quirky side. 
ASOS Tailored Shorts (9.00): I thought skirts were getting a little boring in an interview room. Just give the HR some novelty without depriving them of some sexy long legs. Haha
Triumph Esscence Glamourous Corselette (49.50): Out of stock at present. Hah. What great taste I have. I thought the blue was stunningly gorgeous. It would definitely look sexy wearing it inside the blazer without over-revealing. I call this an air of mystery.
Carvela Adrianna Platform Peep Toe (84.00): I know black heels are rather boring. But I love this pair for its classic design. Simple yet elegant.
Lola Metallic Navy (20.00): This was a hard decision between Angel Black Snake. I settled for this because I thought the outfit had too much element of black (The Chinese don't really like the colour black that much.) And so I picked a nice blue which will stand out and also maybe highlight my corselette which is of a similar shade.
Yea, so will you hire a young, charming lady like me? Found this photo taken 2 years ago? Ahhhh, I think I was prettier then. Aging Sux. =(
On a side note, do a collage too. Details here. You may just bring home some nice goodies to flood your wardrobe. Hehe.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Nikon Maybe?

One of the most important gadget in every blogger's life is a camera. I really do think I may need a new one. My current one is not even a camera I can call mine. It is actually my Mum's. I can only blog and take photos at my Mum's convenience. =(
I am not a camera expert, but some things I look out for as an average user:
  • Portability: I need something light, something that I can slipped into my handbag so that a camera is always at hand when I need to capture special moments of my life.
  • Looks semi-pro: This is a frivolous reason. *gives bashful smile* I just want to look like a great photographer. Holding a camera phone doesn't feel that professional. It is just an image I want to portray.
  • Creates work of art: I want my photos to look nice with minimal editing. If you noticed, I rarely edit my photos in my blog. I just prefer to see something for what it is and not for what I want it to be. =P And also, more importantly, I am a very lazy young lady.
  • Functions: I love cameras with panorama and those cameras which can capture images even in bad lighting. During my exchange, I could only remember beautiful scenes with my eyes. =( It was regrettable.
I was recently introduced to Nikon1 J2. And it is pretty attractive. It gives me what I want and even more. Apart from its function that can control light, it even has selective colour, blurring effect. I know all these can be done via photoshop. But I don't have the software. So this camera would be like a 2-in-one package for me.
Plus it comes in pink!!! I am sorry but I always become really excited when I see products in pink. I know it is a bimbo colour, but I love to think it is grossly misunderstood. It is a colour which is funky, suitable for young ladies with spunk and grace to pull it off. Just check out how good and fashionable I look with it! Hand swag!
Nikon Advert
And this is how it will look like on me with my current style, pretty in pink I would say just like my previous post on my LOTD! I have edited the photo which is why it looks so pretty. I bet if I were using my new Nikon 1 J2, it would have saved me the trouble of editing. 
Hehe, and I do look good as a Nikon model. *Oh dang, my bad habit of voicing out my shameless inner thoughts is back!* I can totally imagine me cradling my new Nikon camera in my hands. =P If you have problem visualising it, just look back up!
To my dear readers who happen to be camera junkies, kindly share with me your thoughts on this camera. I have linked more information on its specifications here. Also, you can check out and compare with other Nikon cameras here.
I look forward to hear from you. =P Have a great Chinese New Year everyone! (if you celebrate it!)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LOTD: Pretty in Pink

This is one of my latest looks! Haha, I am wearing a face mask everywhere, as long as the sun shines. At this rate, I might just set a trend one day. Face accessories anyone?

My cute pink face mask was given by a friend who went to Taiwan. I think it is so adorable. *Hearts* At first when she told me she got me a cute pink one, I thought it could possibly be tacky. Well, we do have a different definition of "cute". But when I saw this, I was practically swooning in delight.

I am wearing Pink thigh highs. I am not very tall, so they do look a little like leggings *Chuckles* The positive thing about being vertically challenged, thigh highs are cheaper. =P
I am so in love with my spring boots! I am definitely wearing them to every house this Chinese New Year. I sure hope everyone goes green in envy. It is an absolutely gorgeous pair of boots!
Pretty In Pink
Pink Snoopy FaceMask: Taiwan
Pink Solid Coloured High Thighs: We love colours
Chukka Nubuc Boot in Mocha: Sandgrensclog

Friday, February 1, 2013

Contest: Win 250 to spend at Urban Outfitters!

If you have noticed the banner on the right, I am now an approved blogger and part of the etailpr family of bloggers. =D
Urban Outfitters 250
They are currently holding lovely competitions giving us bloggers an opportunity to win gorgeous apparels. This week, we will be able to win 250 pounds worth of clothes. That's a lot of apparels! Just thinking of all the looks I can create makes me drool. =P
This is the first time I am joining so wish me luck! And for all you know, I might just host my first giveaway. =D 
And dear readers, guess what, you can join too! Yipee! I have attached the link here. So, go check out the rules and regulations and you may win a truckload of clothes too! (Please remember to share the joy with me when you win...pretty please *winks*)