Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fashion Collage: Dress For Hire

You know something, I think it is really hard to dress stylishly for work or a work interview. 

Yes, I am at an age I have to dress with some class and professionalism and prepare myself for the corporate world.
Here's an outfit I came up with from ASOS website and Marc. b products, kindly advise if it is appropriate. =D
From left to right (in pounds):
Missguided Contrast Tux Blazer (29.99): I love blazers. They usually add immediate sophistication to a simple outfit. And this blazer is rather unique, don't you think? It has a duo tone, upping the style factor.
Urban Outfitters Spike Top Knot Holder (6.00): Just to bring out the quirky side. 
ASOS Tailored Shorts (9.00): I thought skirts were getting a little boring in an interview room. Just give the HR some novelty without depriving them of some sexy long legs. Haha
Triumph Esscence Glamourous Corselette (49.50): Out of stock at present. Hah. What great taste I have. I thought the blue was stunningly gorgeous. It would definitely look sexy wearing it inside the blazer without over-revealing. I call this an air of mystery.
Carvela Adrianna Platform Peep Toe (84.00): I know black heels are rather boring. But I love this pair for its classic design. Simple yet elegant.
Lola Metallic Navy (20.00): This was a hard decision between Angel Black Snake. I settled for this because I thought the outfit had too much element of black (The Chinese don't really like the colour black that much.) And so I picked a nice blue which will stand out and also maybe highlight my corselette which is of a similar shade.
Yea, so will you hire a young, charming lady like me? Found this photo taken 2 years ago? Ahhhh, I think I was prettier then. Aging Sux. =(
On a side note, do a collage too. Details here. You may just bring home some nice goodies to flood your wardrobe. Hehe.

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