Friday, February 8, 2013

Nikon Maybe?

One of the most important gadget in every blogger's life is a camera. I really do think I may need a new one. My current one is not even a camera I can call mine. It is actually my Mum's. I can only blog and take photos at my Mum's convenience. =(
I am not a camera expert, but some things I look out for as an average user:
  • Portability: I need something light, something that I can slipped into my handbag so that a camera is always at hand when I need to capture special moments of my life.
  • Looks semi-pro: This is a frivolous reason. *gives bashful smile* I just want to look like a great photographer. Holding a camera phone doesn't feel that professional. It is just an image I want to portray.
  • Creates work of art: I want my photos to look nice with minimal editing. If you noticed, I rarely edit my photos in my blog. I just prefer to see something for what it is and not for what I want it to be. =P And also, more importantly, I am a very lazy young lady.
  • Functions: I love cameras with panorama and those cameras which can capture images even in bad lighting. During my exchange, I could only remember beautiful scenes with my eyes. =( It was regrettable.
I was recently introduced to Nikon1 J2. And it is pretty attractive. It gives me what I want and even more. Apart from its function that can control light, it even has selective colour, blurring effect. I know all these can be done via photoshop. But I don't have the software. So this camera would be like a 2-in-one package for me.
Plus it comes in pink!!! I am sorry but I always become really excited when I see products in pink. I know it is a bimbo colour, but I love to think it is grossly misunderstood. It is a colour which is funky, suitable for young ladies with spunk and grace to pull it off. Just check out how good and fashionable I look with it! Hand swag!
Nikon Advert
And this is how it will look like on me with my current style, pretty in pink I would say just like my previous post on my LOTD! I have edited the photo which is why it looks so pretty. I bet if I were using my new Nikon 1 J2, it would have saved me the trouble of editing. 
Hehe, and I do look good as a Nikon model. *Oh dang, my bad habit of voicing out my shameless inner thoughts is back!* I can totally imagine me cradling my new Nikon camera in my hands. =P If you have problem visualising it, just look back up!
To my dear readers who happen to be camera junkies, kindly share with me your thoughts on this camera. I have linked more information on its specifications here. Also, you can check out and compare with other Nikon cameras here.
I look forward to hear from you. =P Have a great Chinese New Year everyone! (if you celebrate it!)

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