Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Disney Movie with Nuffnang: OZ

I have been really excited about this movie since I saw it trailers in the theaters. No, actually I am so crazy about it I even rave about it when I walked pass it poster to any of my friends that would listen.

The trailer is just completely intriguing. Starting off in black and white, you will first be misled to think it is a period movie. But no, you are wrong. Soon, you will be taken into a new world - Oz. Be prepared to blown away by its beautiful, dream-like backdrop. The CGI effects is just surreal enough to convince me that the land of Oz truly exist.
But what really excites me about this film is James Franco. Ever since I watched him in Spider Man, I knew I am in love with him. Haha. And this time, I am glad he got this role as the Great Wizard. I believe this would definitely stretch his acting potential. He is definitely more than a pretty face.

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