Saturday, March 30, 2013

Whitening Lightening 1.1 - How you use it

Okay, I have taken some shots of how I use the super booster pen. It is only the size of a pen and my Dad threw it in my pencil box thinking it was a marker. I did spend some time trying to find it. *grimace*
Booster Pen 1
When you first unscrew it, you will see this brush-like tip. You are supposed to use the brush and paint it on your teeth.
But before you brush it on your teeth, you are supposed to twist and click the base until the gel appears on the brush tip. It is pretty much similar to twisting a lipstick. =P
The next step is simply painting it on. According to the instructions, you apply a thin layer to your visible teeth and start smiling for 1 minute so that it will bond to the teeth. Great way for practicing the killer smile. =P
If you think one minute is too long for comfort, you can actually make use of this time to:
  • paint your nails
  • put on a face mask and relax
  • chat on whatsapp (personal favorite)
  • watch tv
For best results, you can use it at bedtime and brush it off in the morning. This product can be used both in the day and at night. I didn't put it on the whole night.  As you can see, half-way it started foaming. (I am sorry if I am grossing you out with the photo, just trying to be very precise in my product photography.) On the first night, I attempted leaving it on through the night and accidentally swallowed some. It tasted bitter, haha.
It was not very comfortable for me to leave overnight. So now, I just put on as long as I could take it on my teeth before rinsing it out. Bear that it mind when you check out the results next week, that mine may not be the best since I did not leave it on till the morning. =(
To end off, if you are interested in purchasing your own set of Booster pen before I show the results, just key funk29 in the code and you will receive 2 of this product at 29 dollars.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

LOTD: Hello Panda

I don't know why I am naming this look Hello Panda. It is definitely not a black and white look. But my bag does look like a panda and a cute one too =)

Haha my attempts in drawing a panda using paint. I think it looks like a real serious panda.
My charm bracelet looks rather Pandora. Haha. Have been wearing it on days I attempt to look demure. It is pretty much my only demure accessory. =(

Ooh, and I love my new tights. Black with racer stripes at the back. Like a zebra. Hehe. I like how it looks so normal front the front-view. Give a full turn and you a full white stripe that gives it the "omph" factor. =)
Panda Surprise
Hemera: Cutie
Dead Addy Tights: Tights Please
Bolso animal bag: Kawaii Clothing

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Whitening Lightning 1.0

Are you obsessed about teeth-whitening? I think I am a little...because I am fair and it is very obvious if I have yellow, stained teeth. I think it just stands out a lot and it is not nice at all. =(
I have received this super booster pen from whitening lightning and will be testing this product for a week. Using the code: funk29, you can receive 2 of this product at 29 dollars. It is gluten free, cruelty free and made in the USA. Quite a sweet deal. *Thumbs up*
To be honest, I have tried effective but pricier teeth whitening products at my friend's recommendation. I hope this works because haha, I would be more than happy to change over, easier on the pockets.
This is how my teeth looks like now. Geez, there are some stains here and there. =( Yea, and my upper teeth are whiter than the lower teeth. =P That is because I usually only whiten the top since only the upper teeth are seen in a photo. HAHAHA!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

LOTD: Partying at MBS

More photos I have missed up. Pretty much showing the world how pretty Singapore is. My island is just so beautiful, feeling extremely patriotic all of a sudden.

And of course, I thought I would do a LOTD. After all it is not every day I dress like a prissy little gal. Haha.
The little blings on my rings has fallen off. Yea, I am lousy at maintaining them. Any clue how on earth are we supposed to keep it there? Gah.
Little Black Dress I got in a sale for 19 bucks. I think it is a steal and it looks rather decent in my opinion.
And lastly my heels from Tangs, courtesy of my aunt. I wear it for all presentations, interviews etc. I don't really have much heels that can be worn for corporate events so this pair just has to play the role for it all. =P
Ring: Soufflé
Strapless black party dress: Club Couture
Chanel-like shoes: Tangs

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Celebrating 10 years of friendship

Just realise it is the 10 years anniversary of our friendship. Yea, we knew each other since High School. Somehow, we were in a clique and stuck together till now.

How times flies! Perhaps, we should make a priority in celebrating friendship anniversaries just like how we celebrate romantic courtship anniversaries with our significant others. After all, friendship definitely can stand the test of time better than relationships. =)
And if you noticed something, 10 years down the road, and we still take photos in the same arrangement? Old habits die hard. Hahaha!
I think we all play a role in this group. WQ is the vain(undoubtedly) and idealistic one. I am the crazy and irresponsible one. (Needs more growing up) Cat is the impatient and ambitious one. GYY is the down-to-earth and sensible one. I think we make a pretty neat combination if you ask me. LOL!
I got invites to KU DÉ TA, MBS hotel longue. It is not a real "club" if you ask me. The view up there was splendid really. Actually, I think the invites were supposed to come with free drinks. Oh well.
I think the ambiance and atmosphere were not too bad. I think I will go up again next time when I "make it" in life next time. Short video from my friend.

After drinking, we just boringly took a stroll down the river and camped at LV. Lol. Great spot for random girl talk if you ask me. =P 
Sharing more arty-farty photos with some random candid shots I took. The girls thought it was unglam. I think it is cute. =( It reflects the real us. HAHA...fooling around.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: Art of face mask

I never knew that there was so much things to know about face mask. Usually, I would just slapped one on my face if I was given any by my friends. I don't use any particular face mask.

Anyway, do you know that there is a face mask for different function! And are you supposed to clean your face after you put on a mask?
 Face Mask
Presenting to you my stash of face mask from Etude House, courtesy from a friend who went to Korea. I think it can last me the whole year. I don't face mask once a week. =P
From left to right:
Aloe:Prevent Acne, Smooth Skin
Hyaluronic acid: Skin softening
Red Ginseng: Repairs skin damaged by stress, pollution, debris and weather
Collagen: Skin elasticity care
Green Tea: Sooths and comforts stressed and fatigued skin
Vitamin C: Skin brightening
Lemon: Brighten skin tone
Pomegranate: Nourish healthy complexion
Royal Jelly: Helps skin to maintain smoothness, softness and luminosity
Pearl Extract: Promotes natural skin glow

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Subscription: It's a black box...literally

Guess what I received in my mail...A Black Box!

Yup, it is like the all so popular subscription box. Haha, only difference is that it is free, absolutely no subscription fees. Yipee!
As you can see, for a free subscription box, it was really good. They provided free courier services and packed a whole full box of samples in box.
I received on the last day of February and all my friends have actually received it before me. Imagine the agony of me waiting and pining for my box to come. I am glad it eventually came. My neck grew at least an inch longer with me stretching my neck to keep a look out for Mr. Courier Man. Haha.
Black Box 1
Apart from the endless vouchers which I think I will not use, they have pretty cool skin care sample products such as Loreal Youth Code (which I am using) and simply delicious snack such as Nature Valley Crunchy. =)
Overall, I was rather happy with the whole black box.  It is almost as good as those subscription box that you have to buy online. Makes me wonder about Black Box profit strategy...hehe.
black box 3
In addition, we have Darlie toothpaste, Dettol body wash, Loreal hair mask and First-Lab sunshield. Hmm, makes me wonder what will we get next? Health supplements maybe? Excited =P
Aren't you just tempted to get one too? Being nice as usual, I have linked it here.  =)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Toy Story: Nerf Gun Fanatic 2.0

Presenting...Nerf Vortex Vigilon
Another one of my many birthday presents last year =)
This gun is more:
  1. Powerful than the old one I intro-ed to you people.
  2. Cooler cos foam disc just look cooler than foam darts =P
  3. Looks more lethal and hence up the cool factor
  4. Holds more ammunition. Less time required for loading. More time to shoot opponents.
Nerf gun
Actually, I wanted a glow in the dark disc because it seemed more novel. But it was too expensive and my friends bitched that it was way out of their budget. Definitely not worth that much in their eyes...=(
Just kidding, just cost a little out of budget, so they suggested getting me this and once again I can modify it to whatever I want.  =P