Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Subscription: It's a black box...literally

Guess what I received in my mail...A Black Box!

Yup, it is like the all so popular subscription box. Haha, only difference is that it is free, absolutely no subscription fees. Yipee!
As you can see, for a free subscription box, it was really good. They provided free courier services and packed a whole full box of samples in a...black box.
I received on the last day of February and all my friends have actually received it before me. Imagine the agony of me waiting and pining for my box to come. I am glad it eventually came. My neck grew at least an inch longer with me stretching my neck to keep a look out for Mr. Courier Man. Haha.
Black Box 1
Apart from the endless vouchers which I think I will not use, they have pretty cool skin care sample products such as Loreal Youth Code (which I am using) and simply delicious snack such as Nature Valley Crunchy. =)
Overall, I was rather happy with the whole black box.  It is almost as good as those subscription box that you have to buy online. Makes me wonder about Black Box profit strategy...hehe.
black box 3
In addition, we have Darlie toothpaste, Dettol body wash, Loreal hair mask and First-Lab sunshield. Hmm, makes me wonder what will we get next? Health supplements maybe? Excited =P
Aren't you just tempted to get one too? Being nice as usual, I have linked it here.  =)

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