Wednesday, March 27, 2013

LOTD: Hello Panda

I don't know why I am naming this look Hello Panda. It is definitely not a black and white look. But my bag does look like a panda and a cute one too =)

Haha my attempts in drawing a panda using paint. I think it looks like a real serious panda.
My charm bracelet looks rather Pandora. Haha. Have been wearing it on days I attempt to look demure. It is pretty much my only demure accessory. =(

Ooh, and I love my new tights. Black with racer stripes at the back. Like a zebra. Hehe. I like how it looks so normal front the front-view. Give a full turn and you a full white stripe that gives it the "omph" factor. =)
Panda Surprise
Hemera: Cutie
Dead Addy Tights: Tights Please
Bolso animal bag: Kawaii Clothing

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