Saturday, April 27, 2013

Iron Man 3

I am so devastated. I haven't watch it yet, how sucky. But I will catch it, just waiting for the moment to strike. I want to have whole cinema to myself when the whole IM3 saga dies down a little.

It is so difficult to get good tickets. GAH!!! Now surviving each passing day by watching trailers which I hope will not spoil my fun when I finally watch it. Embedded it down below for your entertainment.

One of my favourite super heroes is definitely Tony Stark. Come on, every girl dreams dating a rich, flamboyant wild man. Ok, at least I do. Moreover, he is so ingenious, have an armor of steel and may drop dead anytime (living on a arc reactor) Hmm...being his girl means a high chance of inheriting everything right? Hehe. What a disturbingly materialistic girl I am. Muhaha.

Apart from that, there is just something about Robert Downey Jr. He is just really charismatic and brings irresistible charms to Tony Stark.
If you have ever imagine yourself as the legendary Tony Stark, you have to go check out this Become Iron Man Augmented Reality event. It is part of the promotion gimmick I suppose. You get to be virtually suited up in the new Mark XLII armour and with the motion-sensor technology, you can be part of the action. I am definitely going one of these days. Do the ironman dance (whatever that is, self invented word) and film myself making a fool out of myself. Woohoo, doing silly stunts is one of the pleasures of being young.
Date: 19 April – 5 May 2013
Venue: Bugis Junction Level 1 (outside Hotel InterContinental Singapore)
Time: 10am – 10pm Daily

For more information about Marvel’s Iron Man 3, visit: and

Very video intensive post, but I just had to share this other video I saw on Youtube. I don't have any other more heart-stopping, mind-blowing footages like this one. It is from UK, but I believe that it is probably around the same in SG.

I think I have just convinced you to BECOME IRONMAN!
Catch Marvel’s Iron Man 3 in cinemas April 26! You can also follow the Official Marvel's Iron Man 3 Singapore Facebook Page and subscribe to Marvel Singapore YouTube Channel!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Random Musing

Yup, I know lately I have not been a little late on LOTD and some reviews. That's because I am so busy with ahem...personal commitments. Lol, love this word. :)
Anyway, you know what my earphones spoilt after 2 months. Quite disappointing, considering even my Diaso earphones outlived it. But Sonic Gear has really good customer service, I wrote a complain letter in and they did a 1-to-1 free exchange for me although they said I was the cause and not manufacturing error.
But honestly, I treat all my earphones the same. So if this doesn't live up to the pressure, it just aint resilient enough, in my opinion.
Gift Ideas
Anyway, sharing some gift ideas for a surprise box of goodies. I thought it looked cute. But what do you are think? Bought nearly everything from Ikea and Cold Storage. 
Ok, maybe can decorate the box too if your art is good?
Will be a good girl and be dedicated to writing from now on, promise. Oh yea, if you wanna feed me, do remember to click on my links at the side. :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chi Chi Stairway to Heaven

Creating a second runway of my wishlist is hard. I was really more or less running low on ideas. And there was a great deal of frilly dresses that interested me. So I decided to pick a theme, it was easier to shortlist a few out of a biziliion desired dresses.
Saw the Buddhist scriptures and was inspired by their bright vibrant background. And thus the stairway to heaven came about. Using models docked in delicate white apparels from Chi Chi, I attempted to create the illusion of angels descending to Earth - Angels on Earth.
For a boring black and white person, I think using coloured hearts as the runway and such a vibrant backdrop has definitely pushed me to my limits. Ok, now I am curious what I will dream up next. Lol. Have a good weekend everyone!
And here are the pieces used (L-R):
To stand a chance to win 200 dollars worth of Chi Chi products, click on this link for more details. :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Toy Story: Warm welcome to Bunny!

Looky, Looky, guess who is my new friend? Hehe. 
Yes, it is a le Sucre bunny. So adorable...omg just looking at it, I may just die from its cuteness. Le Sucre (means sweet in French), indeed it lives up to its name. But it not a French bunny, it is a little Japanese bunny.
I actually got in on the same day I went to visit Shaw to watch Oz- The Great and Powerful. I didn't really had the time to unpack it because I was busy with stuff. So for the longest time, it was sitting cutely, all wrapped up on my Dad's computer seat.
I always wanted a real bunny, but a plushie one I guess is a good consolation considering my Mum would never let me have a living bunny hopping around at home. And I really do feel lucky getting it. =P 
Anway, first thing I did was did a makeshift bed for this little cutie. Lol, digged out the pillow I used as baby - family heirloom you know. Haha. I don't really know what to name it. Bailey is for my real bunny in the future. I call it bunny now, haha. Highly unoriginal but apt to the core.
Being a horrid little girl, I did what any real bunny would hate to do - taking lots of ridiculous photo with me Hahaha. I feel so much cuter with it being in a photo with me.
And you know what impress me about this bunny? Lol, its details - the pattern on its dress and also haha, its underwear. Yup this modest little bunny wear grandma undies. This statement is making me look like a perverted young lady. But I swear I checked her bottom only to know if I need to make her little undies if she is not wearing them. Lol. Honest. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Review: Dear Knot Genie

Dear God, 
I don't like having knots in my hair. It hurts when I am attempt to comb them and it is making me shed hair. I think I will bald soon you know at this rate. I know the knots are there because I am lazy and I don't comb my mane daily. But still I wanna have pwetty hair, pretty please.
Well, God must have answered my prayers because Rikki from Knot Genie offered me not just 1 but 2 Knot Genies. One of them in Fairy Pink and the other in Puff of Purple. Yup, in my favourite colours, I was a little torn between choices. =P
Knot Genie
I thought the packaging was nice, so I just snapped a few photos of it before taking out my new brush. My new brush promises to remove knots from all types of hair, whether it is curly straight,wet or dry. It even work on extensions! I don't have extensions yet. But I am considering, so I am quite glad this brush would work on them.
Honestly speaking, I am sick of knots. My hair remains at mid length simply because they tangle too much beyond this length and in fits of impulsiveness and some tint of anger, I snipped them off. Hmph. Sometimes, I wonder if there are pesky pixies in my room that tie up my hair in hated knots in the night.
So, this is actually how the 2 brushes look like. They are a little big for my hands. I think the Teenie ones may have suited me better. I after all still a little girl *pouts* Haha. 
The colour is so vibrant and I really love them. I used the hot pink one for the review, cos I am a sucker for anything pink. =P
Attempted to take photos of myself combing my hair, lol! But ended up playing with new brush. I can be a little quasi model, HAHAHAHA! Taming the mane has never been so fun. =p
And guess what is the magic entangler, yup. It is the uneven bristles. I have a very delicate scalp so the bristles were a little hard for me. But in terms of untangling knots, it deserves a big thumbs up. 
I called my new pink brush, pink turtle, cos it really does look like a turtle shell. Hehe. Now it is on my vanity table swimming. So if my hair looks shinier in my future reviews, you know it is pink turtle working its magic. *winks*

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oz - The Great and Powerful Review

Finally got about to watching Oz - The great and powerful. =) I was so busy. I nearly missed it. Fortunately, Shaw is still showing it. Last screening I think, how lucky!

Honestly speaking, I think it is made up of a beautiful cast. Lucky Oz, being surrounded by so many pretty ladies. And by the way, Oz is a playboy and a damn heart-breaker. I know I am being a spoiler here. But, that was the first thing that popped in my head, despite being a huge fan of James Franco. This role of his is hell Tony Stark like.
This is the collage I made from all my favourite backdrops in The Land of Oz. I know Oz is so pretty. In fact, I wouldn't mind living there for a day or 2. =D
The story line itself is good enough to keep your eyes peeled on the screen. A more mature Disney theme, in my opinion. But I like the tag-line " I don't want to be a good man. I want to be a great one." So at the end of the day, what is better than goodness. I love how it ends up in one big circle. =)
I know this review came a little too late. But still, allow me to welcome you to the Land of Oz along with the great powerful wizard, Oz (with his sexy eye wrinkles).
I guess now you all can only catch the DVD or something...=(

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Whitening Lightening 1.2 - The Verdict

So after a week of consistent use (the second week, I was so shagged, I used it occasionally) , this is the result.

To set the record straight, I don't drink caffeine much. However, I don't have the habit of brushing teeth after the consumption of food too. I just pretty basically carried on with my routine life. And I only put in on my teeth for a few minutes because I kept foaming. =(
Before After
In the photos, my teeth pretty much look the same. But under sunlight, it looks white apart from a little brown mark on my one of my tooth (still there, I don't even know how it got there in the first place!).
Overall the super booster pen is easy to use. It is rather gentle on my sensitive gums. But if you hate the dentist, lol, I have bad news for you, it has a taste of the dentist toothpaste. In terms of its effectiveness, I think it would work better if you brush your teeth after every meal. From what I know, the food you consume actually will stain your teeth.  
I will continue to use this pen but this is last of the review with photos of me baring my teeth. My Mum said I looked so gay trying to take photos of my teeth, haha.
But, I usually smile in my reviews, so if you think my smile looks brighter, it could be due to this Super Booster Pen. Remember just for my readers, you will receive 2 of this product at 29 dollars when you key funk29 in the code. =)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Qoo10!

When I shop...

I empty the shop when I am very stressed and I lose control of my spending. This is what we call retail therapy. 
However if we really do retail therapy in a brick and mortal shop, imagine the shopping bags you will have to bring back. 0.o Obviously, the photo of me with my number of shopping bags is waaay too little to truly completely empty the shop. =p
This is why there comes the invention of internet shopping - God's creation for women without men. You don't need an arm carrier (aka the boyfriend). Neither do you need to break your own arm. *Thumbs Up*
One of many people's favourite shopping site is probably Qoo10. You don't know Qoo10!?! 
Maybe you have heard of the old name before it was re-branded. It was previously G Market now renamed to the new Qoo10 to breathe some new life and celebrates the entrance of a new phase. And guess what, now it is going 1. Woohoo. And to celebrate her birthday, she is going throw a big bash along with some discounts. Yup, no kidding.
epost (2)
She will be celebrating her birthday on 23 April 2013 and is organising a Flash Sale every hour for attractive items such as Longchamp handbags, Casio Edifice watches, OPI products etc. at marked down prices! =P
Haha, I am quite anticipating what will be on sale, but I myself have created my own list of items I hope to see their prices slashed. Muhaha...
I know what you are thinking. Most are reasonable, girls love bags, clothes and heels. No surprise on that one. Haha. Would love to try irsoe though, looks comfy. Even the Polaroid camera is within anyone's expectations.
But why on earth do you want kids towel?!? Toilet Roll Holder etc. Seriously, do you really need that much toiletries deco?!?
Me whining: cos they look cute. Can do a review on them too. People will sure be interested. Come on.... *pouts*
And you know something, Qoo10 stuff are very cheap. Yes, I am serious. My friend bought this on Qoo10 for like SGD 3.90 and I have another friend who is selling the exact same thing on her site for SGD 4.90. Have no guts to tag her site for fear of being condemned. *chuckles*
Dear God, I want Qcash if you are hearing me!!!
I know my Mum always tell me prayers don't work this way. You aint supposed to shout to God and expect to get things your way. *pouts*
And the countdown begins. So excited, I even in the mood to draw a juvenile poster...Grr Grr Grr May the fastest finger wins.
Here are the links, so don't say I am selfish!
Flash Sale:
For a chance to win an iphone 5 by guessing Qoo10's age HERE