Saturday, April 13, 2013

Review: Dear Knot Genie

Dear God, 
I don't like having knots in my hair. It hurts when I am attempt to comb them and it is making me shed hair. I think I will bald soon you know at this rate. I know the knots are there because I am lazy and I don't comb my mane daily. But still I wanna have pwetty hair, pretty please.
Well, God must have answered my prayers because Rikki from Knot Genie offered me not just 1 but 2 Knot Genies. One of them in Fairy Pink and the other in Puff of Purple. Yup, in my favourite colours, I was a little torn between choices. =P
Knot Genie
I thought the packaging was nice, so I just snapped a few photos of it before taking out my new brush. My new brush promises to remove knots from all types of hair, whether it is curly straight,wet or dry. It even work on extensions! I don't have extensions yet. But I am considering, so I am quite glad this brush would work on them.
Honestly speaking, I am sick of knots. My hair remains at mid length simply because they tangle too much beyond this length and in fits of impulsiveness and some tint of anger, I snipped them off. Hmph. Sometimes, I wonder if there are pesky pixies in my room that tie up my hair in hated knots in the night.
So, this is actually how the 2 brushes look like. They are a little big for my hands. I think the Teenie ones may have suited me better. I after all still a little girl *pouts* Haha. 
The colour is so vibrant and I really love them. I used the hot pink one for the review, cos I am a sucker for anything pink. =P
Attempted to take photos of myself combing my hair, lol! But ended up playing with new brush. I can be a little quasi model, HAHAHAHA! Taming the mane has never been so fun. =p
And guess what is the magic entangler, yup. It is the uneven bristles. I have a very delicate scalp so the bristles were a little hard for me. But in terms of untangling knots, it deserves a big thumbs up. 
I called my new pink brush, pink turtle, cos it really does look like a turtle shell. Hehe. Now it is on my vanity table swimming. So if my hair looks shinier in my future reviews, you know it is pink turtle working its magic. *winks*

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