Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Toy Story: Warm welcome to Bunny!

Looky, Looky, guess who is my new friend? Hehe. 
Yes, it is a le Sucre bunny. So adorable...omg just looking at it, I may just die from its cuteness. Le Sucre (means sweet in French), indeed it lives up to its name. But it not a French bunny, it is a little Japanese bunny.
I actually got in on the same day I went to visit Shaw to watch Oz- The Great and Powerful. I didn't really had the time to unpack it because I was busy with stuff. So for the longest time, it was sitting cutely, all wrapped up on my Dad's computer seat.
I always wanted a real bunny, but a plushie one I guess is a good consolation considering my Mum would never let me have a living bunny hopping around at home. And I really do feel lucky getting it. =P 
Anway, first thing I did was did a makeshift bed for this little cutie. Lol, digged out the pillow I used as baby - family heirloom you know. Haha. I don't really know what to name it. Bailey is for my real bunny in the future. I call it bunny now, haha. Highly unoriginal but apt to the core.
Being a horrid little girl, I did what any real bunny would hate to do - taking lots of ridiculous photo with me Hahaha. I feel so much cuter with it being in a photo with me.
And you know what impress me about this bunny? Lol, its details - the pattern on its dress and also haha, its underwear. Yup this modest little bunny wear grandma undies. This statement is making me look like a perverted young lady. But I swear I checked her bottom only to know if I need to make her little undies if she is not wearing them. Lol. Honest. 

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