Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chi Chi Stairway to Heaven

Creating a second runway of my wishlist is hard. I was really more or less running low on ideas. And there was a great deal of frilly dresses that interested me. So I decided to pick a theme, it was easier to shortlist a few out of a biziliion desired dresses.
Saw the Buddhist scriptures and was inspired by their bright vibrant background. And thus the stairway to heaven came about. Using models docked in delicate white apparels from Chi Chi, I attempted to create the illusion of angels descending to Earth - Angels on Earth.
For a boring black and white person, I think using coloured hearts as the runway and such a vibrant backdrop has definitely pushed me to my limits. Ok, now I am curious what I will dream up next. Lol. Have a good weekend everyone!
And here are the pieces used (L-R):
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