Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Random Musing

Yup, I know lately I have not been a little late on LOTD and some reviews. That's because I am so busy with ahem...personal commitments. Lol, love this word. :)
Anyway, you know what my earphones spoilt after 2 months. Quite disappointing, considering even my Diaso earphones outlived it. But Sonic Gear has really good customer service, I wrote a complain letter in and they did a 1-to-1 free exchange for me although they said I was the cause and not manufacturing error.
But honestly, I treat all my earphones the same. So if this doesn't live up to the pressure, it just aint resilient enough, in my opinion.
Gift Ideas
Anyway, sharing some gift ideas for a surprise box of goodies. I thought it looked cute. But what do you are think? Bought nearly everything from Ikea and Cold Storage. 
Ok, maybe can decorate the box too if your art is good?
Will be a good girl and be dedicated to writing from now on, promise. Oh yea, if you wanna feed me, do remember to click on my links at the side. :)

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