Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Qoo10!

When I shop...

I empty the shop when I am very stressed and I lose control of my spending. This is what we call retail therapy. 
However if we really do retail therapy in a brick and mortal shop, imagine the shopping bags you will have to bring back. 0.o Obviously, the photo of me with my number of shopping bags is waaay too little to truly completely empty the shop. =p
This is why there comes the invention of internet shopping - God's creation for women without men. You don't need an arm carrier (aka the boyfriend). Neither do you need to break your own arm. *Thumbs Up*
One of many people's favourite shopping site is probably Qoo10. You don't know Qoo10!?! 
Maybe you have heard of the old name before it was re-branded. It was previously G Market now renamed to the new Qoo10 to breathe some new life and celebrates the entrance of a new phase. And guess what, now it is going 1. Woohoo. And to celebrate her birthday, she is going throw a big bash along with some discounts. Yup, no kidding.
epost (2)
She will be celebrating her birthday on 23 April 2013 and is organising a Flash Sale every hour for attractive items such as Longchamp handbags, Casio Edifice watches, OPI products etc. at marked down prices! =P
Haha, I am quite anticipating what will be on sale, but I myself have created my own list of items I hope to see their prices slashed. Muhaha...
I know what you are thinking. Most are reasonable, girls love bags, clothes and heels. No surprise on that one. Haha. Would love to try irsoe though, looks comfy. Even the Polaroid camera is within anyone's expectations.
But why on earth do you want kids towel?!? Toilet Roll Holder etc. Seriously, do you really need that much toiletries deco?!?
Me whining: cos they look cute. Can do a review on them too. People will sure be interested. Come on.... *pouts*
And you know something, Qoo10 stuff are very cheap. Yes, I am serious. My friend bought this on Qoo10 for like SGD 3.90 and I have another friend who is selling the exact same thing on her site for SGD 4.90. Have no guts to tag her site for fear of being condemned. *chuckles*
Dear God, I want Qcash if you are hearing me!!!
I know my Mum always tell me prayers don't work this way. You aint supposed to shout to God and expect to get things your way. *pouts*
And the countdown begins. So excited, I even in the mood to draw a juvenile poster...Grr Grr Grr May the fastest finger wins.
Here are the links, so don't say I am selfish!
Flash Sale:
For a chance to win an iphone 5 by guessing Qoo10's age HERE

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