Saturday, April 6, 2013

Whitening Lightening 1.2 - The Verdict

So after a week of consistent use (the second week, I was so shagged, I used it occasionally) , this is the result.

To set the record straight, I don't drink caffeine much. However, I don't have the habit of brushing teeth after the consumption of food too. I just pretty basically carried on with my routine life. And I only put in on my teeth for a few minutes because I kept foaming. =(
Before After
In the photos, my teeth pretty much look the same. But under sunlight, it looks white apart from a little brown mark on my one of my tooth (still there, I don't even know how it got there in the first place!).
Overall the super booster pen is easy to use. It is rather gentle on my sensitive gums. But if you hate the dentist, lol, I have bad news for you, it has a taste of the dentist toothpaste. In terms of its effectiveness, I think it would work better if you brush your teeth after every meal. From what I know, the food you consume actually will stain your teeth.  
I will continue to use this pen but this is last of the review with photos of me baring my teeth. My Mum said I looked so gay trying to take photos of my teeth, haha.
But, I usually smile in my reviews, so if you think my smile looks brighter, it could be due to this Super Booster Pen. Remember just for my readers, you will receive 2 of this product at 29 dollars when you key funk29 in the code. =)

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