Wednesday, May 1, 2013

LOTD: Boldadelicios Tacky

Finally got about to doing a LOTD. Felt inspired to do a Dinner and Dance theme. I am not sure if I am some super-hero or modern Geisha. Haha, it is fun to play dressed up. Boldadelicios Tacky! *whatever that means HAHAHA*

My floral dress is from NoixCracker. I am not really that into flowers and stuff. I got this in their grab-bag. Honestly, what you see is really not what you get. This was the only decent piece I got. The rest are...non-wearables. I had to plead with my good sense not to be nasty and post the thrash back. Not worth buying from. -.-
I like my sleeves socks - slox a lot! Reminds me of spider-man's webs. Feel really empowered wearing it, like I am some superhero inside. And I think it really goes well with the stockings. Sheer is just sexy...hahaha
Found the fan in my wardrobe and decided to toss it in as a prop in the look. Geez, mandarin fans are really gorgeous. I am starting to embrace my Chinese roots.
Floral Bustier Pelpum Dress: Noixcracker
Slox: Ahmelie
Peggy Tights: Tights Please
Mandarin Fan: Gift

Last but not least, Happy May Day! To all the good ole folks out there, happy laboring! :)

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