Saturday, May 4, 2013

Black Box: Apr Edition

From a supposedly monthly subscription, it has now become a bi-monthly subscription. How disappointing! :(

I hope it doesn't become a quarterly thing next. And the next thing we know, poof, there goes the black box. Hmph.
Black Box
This time round, I received my black box around the same time as all my buddies. Anyway, I realise Black Box discriminates against older woman. My Mum applied for a box and didn't receive hers. But my friend despite applying for it later, managed to get a subscription box.
Well, at least we know, a household can get more than one box. I guess maybe it is because of the samples' target audience. They seem to appeal a younger girl more than an older woman. 
Apr BB
In terms of design and layout, there is not much changes. Apart from a white sheer paper, the samples are now wrapped up in an orange sheer paper.
My favourite has to be the baby wipes. It is a full-size product and I just like baby wipes. :) It makes you smell like a baby butt after a sweaty day out. Not saying that there is anything sexy about smelling like a kid's ass...LOL! My mum on the other hand is more excited about Varnish sample pack. Haha!
As usual, it is flooded with useless vouchers I will never use. Pretty excited about the facial products though and Loreal revitalift. Food samples are the best because they are just so practical. 
One feedback on Black Box: don't think they should give repeated samples unless well we request for it. It is my second time receiving Darlie toothpaste and nature valley energy bar. I happen to like both a lot. But in terms of marketing, it doesn't seen to make much a sense. Just saying...
 If you want to get one too, the link is here.  =)

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