Saturday, May 25, 2013

I am part of IM3

The ironman fanatic in me jumped out for joy when I realise my post got lucky and won me some pretty cool and sleek movie premiums from Nuffnang.
I think most people would agree with me that the best things would have to be the larnyard and the tee. Well some people like notebooks too, I guess. The stickers are nothing fancy but still good to receive. :p
Ironman notebook
Actually, I change my mind. This notebook is actually kinda of "my-type". And by this, I pretty much mean lined books. Second ruled book this year, dang I could just be a scribbling book merchandise collector. Hahaha. 
I really like how each page has Iron Man 3 printed on it though.
My collage of the stuff I got just to prove I really have them. I am just a nutcase sometimes. LOL LOL LOL! 
Have a great long weekend people!!! =P

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