Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hey Mummy, it's your day!

Whee...check out the bouquet in my house. Gorgeous pink carnations :)
Yes, I love pink and so I picked pink to make a bouquet for my Mum. (Sometimes I wonder if it is my day, or mum's day Lol!) The flowers are arranged by me truly. I really do think I have some rare talent. 
*Ahem* Even the miniature figurine in red is also made by me. (Simply can't pass up the chance to self-praise. Hehe) 
mother day
Some shots of the bouquet in my house. That's Dad bouquet for Granny. LOL! Looks uglier than mine in my opinion. I am the BEST! And my flower arrangement skills are unparalleled. Haha.
And check out my matching (s)nail.  Haha lousy word play! Mum did her nails too but her fingers are crinkly so they don't look as good. And hence, I didn't post them up. :(
Sigh, it is really tough being a Mum. You have ugly fingers and lose your figure. Wonder if it is worth it, since the by-product - Me - aint much of an angel. :(
When I grow up and become a Mum myself, I will then understand. I think...I am still a kid, pardon me for my immaturity.
Well to end off the post, to all Mummys out there, have a great mother's day! May you bloom in your sunshine *kids* glory!!!

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