Sunday, May 19, 2013

Navy Open House Rant

I woke up at like 9 am after a long day yesterday to go to the NAVY Open House. I was initially really excited and was not dampened by the fact it is halfway around Singapore (at least for me)...until I was welcomed by the huge crowd.

Omg it was like some family excursion with parents pushing trolleys, grandma and grandpas and also little kids running around. After like 1 hour plus of queuing, honestly, I am abit sian :( And there was only one little launch boat on display, so I ended up taking a lot of repeated photos of it to kill time.
So when you finally reach the place, you will be welcomed by huge vessels. I thought they were cool but my friend being real grouchy said they were just boringly grey. Apparently, guys have absolutely no love for the armed forces after 2 long years in army. -.-
By the time I even reached the site from the Expo hall, it was already lunch time! The food vendors...sucked. The price was reasonable until you see the portion, it was terrible. I would rather have army food rations, honestly speaking. I bought fake shark fin and it was way worse than the fake cheapo shark fin I could find at the night market. :(
Ok, I have to admit it was a great open house for children and families. It was like following a USS concept. There were many fun stuff to try out and even walking mascots. But my friend said they were not cute at all. I tried out the fireman suit (I wanted to wear the smart white Navy suit. So disappointing, realize at the end that it was in another tent!!! Became real grouchy near the end, cos I didn't get a photo suited in that. T.T)
There was also a display show but because there were so many people. I could only watch through the screen. I was undercut by kids who you know pretty much slipped under my arm to get a better view. Not much chances for photo opportunities too.
We queued for another hour or so to board steadfast. My friend wanted to board Swift Rescue because it is so colorful compared to the rest. I managed to convince him it is no difference from a commercial vessel. If he wants to board it, there will be plenty of chance in the future. I can arrange it for him...maybe. LOL!
You come to the navy open house, of course you have to check out a navy vessel! You can totally see the crowd even on board the vessel. Took the opportunity to take a photo with everything and even sat on the commanding officer's chair and gave my most authoritative look! *thumbs up* I totally can sign on!
On the inside, there is really no difference from a typical commercial vessel. The bunks look a little like cheap cruises. It looks comfy in my opinion. But my friend claims it is all an act to trick gullible little kids like me to sign on. I don't mind signing on though. The pay looks good. Haha!
Saddest moment was when I saw Endurance towards the end. I totally regretted boarding steadfast. Even my friend thinks Endurance seems impressive on the outside. What a rare statement!!! until he said great floating warehouse to store everything. -.-
Sometimes you just shouldn't save the best for the last. Because I have not enough time for the last...and the best. *sobs*
Last minute quick snaps of everything. I think we should have taken the duck tour, probably would get a nice overview of everything though I think my grouchy partner would have fallen asleep. He saw one of his tanks on display and I was like "Omg you want to take photo or not?"
And he was like "No, why would I want to take photo with it!?!" Geez, guys can be so touchy when it comes to NS. Lol.
Overall, I think the Navy Open House was not too bad, just that you have to go earlier and stay later. I had to leave early for my friend's screening :( which I ended up missing in the end cos the bus queue was so damn long. All the photos are so grey and dreary too. Haha. And guy partners for such excursions are lousy choices. LOL!!!

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