Wednesday, May 29, 2013

O' Navy - valiant and courageous

Just doing a causal look post on what I wore at the Navy Open House! Looking real sweaty and shag, I mean what do you expect right? I just came home from a tough  day out. Haha!
Blue Watch
I wanted to go for a blue theme because Navy is associated to the water and water is associated to the colour blue. So I grabbed my Valiant Sports watch.
Okay, I am going to talk more about my watch because this Valiant watch i really special. It has a plastic brick strap, my favourite for a sport watch and it is ok it doesn't de-colourise even with the sweat. GOOD!
But the most fascinating thing is you can actually personalise your own Valiant watch, creating something so uniquely you. You can mix and match, dismantle the whole watch and build a new one.
You can just buy a few straps and you will have a ton of different watches at a minimal price. Very economical and fiercely creative in my opinion.
O Navy 2
Hair Clip: Helen
Make-shift Bag: Bought in Cambodia
Watch: Valiant

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