Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review: Organic Lip-smacking goodness

I am not sure if I have shared with you this dirty...okay not that dirty...little secret of mine. But ever since 2013, I have been...well somewhat obsessed with lip balms.  Yup, I love how colourless it is and how natural it looks since lip balms don't taint my lips. :)
oh organics
The lovely Michele from Oh Organics has kindly sent a bubblegum and honey peach lip balms along with Melissa Moisturizer Sample for review. Thank you so much for your thoughtful little message and the nice packaging. I am so glad I am the first in town to be doing a review!
If you are a hot bait target of mosquitoes, you must try out the Melissa Moisturiser range. The lemon grass smell is pretty strong and this keeps mozzies at bay. So if you ain't a fan of lemon grass, you probably won't like this product. 
Texture wise, it is pasty and not sticky at all. It spreads well around the back of my hand. But the smell is pretty strong, even after washing my hands for a few times, the smell still lingers. 
BubblePresenting to you the product that excites me the most - the bubblegum lip balm. Omg it really does deliciously smell and taste like a bubblegum. Makes me drool. Considering Singapore has banned all gums, this is really the closest you will ever get to having a gum near your lips. :)
I really love it! And it is rather cheap too :p
But unfortunately, my tube was faulty. It could twist up but had issues twisting back down. Mum told me you gotcha push it a little. I applied a light force broke on me. I think my heart broke with it too cos I really love the bubblegum lip balm. :(
The other tube was fine though. I guess I am just unlucky...real unfortunate. :(
The second lip balm was of honey and peach. I actually am quite a fan the 2 ingredients but not so much when they are mixed together. I still prefer bubblegum. But my Mum preferred this saying it tasted more natural.
Generally both lip balms are not sticky at all and apply pretty smoothly on the lips. They don't leave much residue and looks natural in a sense that no one would know you have applied anything on your lips if you don't self-declare haha! 
If you wanna get some organic balms or handmade soaps for yourself, do remember to check out Oh Organics and show Michele some love!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Web Hosting in pure layman's term

** Beware Technology-heavy post ahead!!! Technology jargon have been italicized with explanations in brackets...hehe I am a kind educator. :)
Will be sharing with you all more about cloud computing if you know what that is as well as why you should consider using exabytes for your hosting needs! Exabytes is a trusted brand and has been hosting Web Site Hosting, Dedicated Server and Domain Name since 2001 and Cloud Hosting since 2011. 
Whether you are a blogger, budding entrepreneur or veteran businessman, as long as you use the internet to market your business or hone your interest, it is unavoidable that you may eventually considering hosting your website on a private domain.
And why should anyone own your private domain? I can give one great reason - It ranks higher in search engines. And this means you can pretty much attract much more Google eyes (viewership) to your site. Higher visibility can means more influential power or even greater sales!
336x280-ebiz-cloud-hosting (2)
Before I go into what exabytes can offer, let me do a quick explanation in hopefully layman terms on what Cloud Computing is. I know, it is an awfully big word. I had difficulties understanding it when I was first exposed to this term...T.T
Cloud computing is a style of hosting in which dynamically scalable (you can increase the bandwidth anytime if your viewers increase and thus your site won't crash) and often virtualised resources are provided as services over the internet. A reliable, resilience and flexible system, cloud computing is good solution for any online shopping model as it guarantees efficient use of storage and space needed for website functionalities while assuring enough capacity for the website to accommodate any usage increase (aka scalability).
**I hope this explanation is way better than Wikipedia, cos honestly after reading theirs, I was like still HUH HUH HUH!!!
In view of the Great Singapore Sales, it seems that exabytes is also offering a great price slash. For as low as SGD 38, you can claim the identity of Singapore in your website (higher search visibility from search engine users located in the vicinity) and higher rankings on Google (this means you will appear in the first few pages! which is really good you know, cos rarely people are going to click all the way to page 20 if you know what I mean)
This will definitely help in your SEO (search engine optimisation)
I have done a printscreen on the packages on what they are offering. So which one do you pick? Of course, there is definitely more cost savings if you pick the package with a higher bandwidth. 
But honestly, as a rule of thumb, you should always choose what you need. And this should be based on what your business is. Let's say I am a new entrance into blogshops. I probably won't have that many concurrent visitors at the same time. As such, I will probably use the cheapest plan and upgrade as my business grow. After all, cloud hosting is scalable :)
But if I own a corporate that is highly reliant on my site for customer services, then yes I may be budgeting a little more. You can definitely not afford to piss the impatient customers off right! And the worse publicity you can do for yourself is to have your site crashing :(
You can get your own email address using your own domain name (portrayal of professional image) along with 18 months free and OMG apps too (Some apps can help to engage and connect with your customers better!!!) It is really not too bad a deal you know.
Anyway, I am not an IT consultant, lol though I have to say my knowledge in cloud computing is not too bad right? Maybe I can consider being an IT girl!!! Feel free to consult exabytes on their products. Believe they can give an even better and more comprehensive overview of cloud hosting that better fits your hosting needs!
I hope you all like my maiden attempt in a rather technological blog post. It has been a real long time since I wrote anything so hardcore and serious. I will go back to my usual old flamboyant reviewing and fashioning about till next time...toodles...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Lone Ranger

Ola, Ola, fans of Johnny Depp, you got to be on alert now for the man whom everyone fancies (whether male or female, young or old) has a new movie that is ready to hit the silver screen.
Have to admit, Johnny is the highlight of this film.
Lone Ranger
Well this man sure isn't ready to lose his quirkiness. He is still decked in the weirdest costume ever. I hope this native American character is just better and more memorable than his past roles as Capt Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissors-hand and The cranky Ole Madhatter. :) 
Larger than life, honestly we have expectations for Mr Depp. If he falls short of any eccentricity, we will be so dang disappointed. We have high hopes for you Sir!
Lady partner
Okay, and I think another thing to anticipate is Helena Bonham Carte. Somehow, I just think Johnny Depp and her has the greatest onscreen chemistry. Now that she is in this movie, there is no way the movie can be bad. And to prove it, check out the trailer, I embedded below. Thrilling...totally...
Catch Disney’s “The Lone Ranger” in Singapore cinemas this 4 July 2013! For more updates, like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow@disneystudiosSG and subscribe to the Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shopping Research

Considering I come from a nation of smart shoppers, it is no surprise that I take pride in the fact of being Little Miss Know-it-all (in another league away above the rest) about the best deals in town.  
But on some awful days, when terrible miscalculations and misdirection takes place, I become little Ginger Bread Girl...
 So much self-hatred taking place. How could I! How could I! How could I make such a silly mistake! How could I not know the next shop is selling at 50 per cent off?!? And it is the same item too!!! *inserts glum face* All this negative thoughts is bound to let Little Ginger Bread Girl self-destruct and plunge into the milk paradise! I believe some of you readers can sure relate to this anguish feeling.
Good Deal Alert
Being the ever-caring young lady, today I will be introducing you to a super good site that will gives you comprehensive updates on pricing, promotions and sales information to fuel every girl's shopping wants and needs. *For all you know, with this site, you will now be in my league :) *

Of course, most of us belong to Generation Explorer. Haha, I coin this term myself LOL! But it pretty much means that we belong to a group that practically uses the internet for everything - shopping, bookings and even learning. But that doesn't mean we don't shop in a brick and mortar store? Well after all, some of us still wanna touch, try and feel our purchases before we actually commit to it. 
Presenting to you, now you can be a smart shopper, knowing where all the best deals and never ever having to live in regret of missing a promotion again. How good can it be right!
This site shows you all the greatest deal within your vicinity. With some online research, you can shop offline like a pro with the knowledge of all the best bargain haunts. Especially for tourists, this would be real useful. shopping at its finest. 
 I have tried out the site for itself and honestly speaking, it is idiot-proof. Haha. Great for techno-know-nuts like me. Keying in Levi's in the search bar, I quickly got my nearest deal with *wow* exact location details of its nearest branch and a outline of the retailers' promotion. it worth it to make a trip down? Until 5 July? Still long way to go...maybe I can go there a day later?  
See now we can make educated choices and not act according to kiasu instincts :) 
Also, you can search via categories. I tried out with Toy Stores and I had a list of promotions. Really good isn't it? Offline shopping is made so much more cost-effective especially when you can tap on the sales and promotions for the products you are looking for.
infographic 2
The great news is that, according to Statistics, most of us already have the great habit of shopping research instilled in us. It is just that like what I say sometimes, even the best research has a blind spot. And for those moments the burnt hurt the most - outwitted despite tremendous effort. :(
But now, hopefully with Save22, we are all on a good way to becoming a smart shopper, having know where all the sales are. So all is left to say: have a great time shopping and saving. 
 Well, we sure have to thank technology! It makes us smarter and have a lot more material comfort with the same amount of money!!! YIPEE!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Monsters!

Dang to party off the Monday Blues...Bro and I went to catch Monster University!!!

It seems weird but I don't remember catching this scene in the cinema!!! Hmm. But is a fantastic show. There is this one scene which I was doubling over with laughter. =P Can't find the image of it, but it was so damn funny watching all the monsters swell up. *Somewhat a spoiler but still not a total spoiler...Haha*
This time round, there are tons more monsters. And most of them are instead of being scary are just so much more endearing, adorable and somewhat lovable. =) In fact, Mike looks so much less cute when he is beside Squishy, my new favourite monster.
So blur, so stunned. He looks like a friend of mine...*gives guilty trying-to-control-laughter-face*
Monster pass
And here's me being officially enrolled into Monster University. Can't wait to get my scaring degree, that would sure scare the shit out of non-believers of rarely-present high intelligence. LOL!
And out of goodwill, have thus attached a Monsters University Pass for you too so that you can make a pass for yourself. I know I am so nice right!
Remember to watch Monster University! It is indeed value for money!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A glimpse of Bliss

Today, I am going to share with you something really cool. You are all so gonna love it. This site has the greatest array of kaleidoscopes ever. Whether it is a musical kaleidoscope or a stained kaleidoscope, you can find everything at Kaleidoscopes To You. It is a one-stop site for all your Kaleidoscopes fantasies!
For those who are clueless on what is a Kaleidoscope, it is a word derived from Ancient Greek, meaning the examination of beautiful shapes.
I believe you must have sure seen it somewhere but you just don't know the name of it.  Generally the kaleidoscope is shaped as a cylinder with loose coloured objects such as beads, pebbles or even glass shreds in it. Light enters through one end of it and the reflection from the mirrors will create a beautiful pattern. Some sample designs are shown above. Gorgeous, isn't it?
Feeling really lucky because Kaleidoscopes To You has kindly send me a kaleidoscope of my choice to review. :) Guess what, this is my first ever kaleidoscope and I picked a necklace. When I am wearing it, I feel as though I am bringing a glimpse of happiness wherever I go. So once I feel down, I just peek through it and I am transported to dreamy bliss land.
In terms of shipping services, Kaleidoscopes To You is prompt and efficient. Additionally, the packaging of the product is highly satisfactory. It makes a really classy and thoughtful gift to a loved one or a friend. I am going to give them a huge thumbs up. It is really one of the best and coolest online store ever!!!
To end off, here is a fraction of my blissland. Not going to share all of my Blissland with you though. =P Mine is mainly bluish green. Wonder what yours will be. 
*will work on a LOTD soon with my lovely necklace. Do keep a lookout for it. Have a great day ahead peeps!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Japanese School Girl

Thought it would be fun to dress up like a Japanese school girl like those in Manga. Ok, have to admit that dressing up is fun, really. Being a girl is great!
Accessorized with a ring and a really cool necklace. The ring is a pink belt. You can actually adjust the belt such that it fits your finger snugly. :) Really love the necklace too, if you check the back, it says 'Princess Civilians'  Hehe. Every girl's dream to be a princess. Wearing the necklace really makes you feel so loved.
Jap gal
Hair Clip: Helen
Soldier Soldier Necklace: Tree  n Bee 
Belt Ring: GWAAN

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Enroll yourself to the best University ever!

Check out Monster University!!!
The trailers and adverts are played in the theaters far too early for comfort! The pining and waiting is so antagonizing. But guess what!!! It is finally here to hit the cinemas with a loud bang. And we are so ready to parteh!
Monster University
This time, there will be more monsters, more humour and more music and partying. Ain't you excited like me to catch this show!

Actually, I really like the theme this time round because it is so much closer to the heart. Whether you are a student (potentially going to the U) or a graduate, definitely university means something to you. It could be dread, or anticipation or maybe some other weird describable feeling.
Most of us actually start the first day looking like this. It is like a brand new life rolling right ahead of you. But you know SG schools aint that wild, baby. In fact, I think most probably spend most of their varsity life napping anywhere.
And by anywhere, I mean hallways, random benches and even the classrooms.
And our friends are not that varied and cool. :(
That's why I want to watch Monster University....Grrr...I want to live the life I could probably had lived if I studied overseas! (Really gal? You really think you could have lived that life?!?) Mild child acting wild child =p
Take the Monsters Aptitude Test (M.A.T.) on the Facebook page & you may just enroll yourself to this fun-filled university and bring home adorable premiums! 
P.S. The plushie is real cute!

Do remember to Catch Disney•Pixar’s “Monsters University in Singapore cinemas this 20 June 2013! For more updates, like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow @disneystudiosSGand subscribe to the Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel!