Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review: Organic Lip-smacking goodness

I am not sure if I have shared with you this dirty...okay not that dirty...little secret of mine. But ever since 2013, I have been...well somewhat obsessed with lip balms.  Yup, I love how colourless it is and how natural it looks since lip balms don't taint my lips. :)
oh organics
The lovely Michele from Oh Organics has kindly sent a bubblegum and honey peach lip balms along with Melissa Moisturizer Sample for review. Thank you so much for your thoughtful little message and the nice packaging. I am so glad I am the first in town to be doing a review!
If you are a hot bait target of mosquitoes, you must try out the Melissa Moisturiser range. The lemon grass smell is pretty strong and this keeps mozzies at bay. So if you ain't a fan of lemon grass, you probably won't like this product. 
Texture wise, it is pasty and not sticky at all. It spreads well around the back of my hand. But the smell is pretty strong, even after washing my hands for a few times, the smell still lingers. 
BubblePresenting to you the product that excites me the most - the bubblegum lip balm. Omg it really does deliciously smell and taste like a bubblegum. Makes me drool. Considering Singapore has banned all gums, this is really the closest you will ever get to having a gum near your lips. :)
I really love it! And it is rather cheap too :p
But unfortunately, my tube was faulty. It could twist up but had issues twisting back down. Mum told me you gotcha push it a little. I applied a light force broke on me. I think my heart broke with it too cos I really love the bubblegum lip balm. :(
The other tube was fine though. I guess I am just unlucky...real unfortunate. :(
The second lip balm was of honey and peach. I actually am quite a fan the 2 ingredients but not so much when they are mixed together. I still prefer bubblegum. But my Mum preferred this saying it tasted more natural.
Generally both lip balms are not sticky at all and apply pretty smoothly on the lips. They don't leave much residue and looks natural in a sense that no one would know you have applied anything on your lips if you don't self-declare haha! 
If you wanna get some organic balms or handmade soaps for yourself, do remember to check out Oh Organics and show Michele some love!

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