Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Web Hosting in pure layman's term

** Beware Technology-heavy post ahead!!! Technology jargon have been italicized with explanations in brackets...hehe I am a kind educator. :)
Will be sharing with you all more about cloud computing if you know what that is as well as why you should consider using exabytes for your hosting needs! Exabytes is a trusted brand and has been hosting Web Site Hosting, Dedicated Server and Domain Name since 2001 and Cloud Hosting since 2011. 
Whether you are a blogger, budding entrepreneur or veteran businessman, as long as you use the internet to market your business or hone your interest, it is unavoidable that you may eventually considering hosting your website on a private domain.
And why should anyone own your private domain? I can give one great reason - It ranks higher in search engines. And this means you can pretty much attract much more Google eyes (viewership) to your site. Higher visibility can means more influential power or even greater sales!
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Before I go into what exabytes can offer, let me do a quick explanation in hopefully layman terms on what Cloud Computing is. I know, it is an awfully big word. I had difficulties understanding it when I was first exposed to this term...T.T
Cloud computing is a style of hosting in which dynamically scalable (you can increase the bandwidth anytime if your viewers increase and thus your site won't crash) and often virtualised resources are provided as services over the internet. A reliable, resilience and flexible system, cloud computing is good solution for any online shopping model as it guarantees efficient use of storage and space needed for website functionalities while assuring enough capacity for the website to accommodate any usage increase (aka scalability).
**I hope this explanation is way better than Wikipedia, cos honestly after reading theirs, I was like still HUH HUH HUH!!!
In view of the Great Singapore Sales, it seems that exabytes is also offering a great price slash. For as low as SGD 38, you can claim the identity of Singapore in your website (higher search visibility from search engine users located in the vicinity) and higher rankings on Google (this means you will appear in the first few pages! which is really good you know, cos rarely people are going to click all the way to page 20 if you know what I mean)
This will definitely help in your SEO (search engine optimisation)
I have done a printscreen on the packages on what they are offering. So which one do you pick? Of course, there is definitely more cost savings if you pick the package with a higher bandwidth. 
But honestly, as a rule of thumb, you should always choose what you need. And this should be based on what your business is. Let's say I am a new entrance into blogshops. I probably won't have that many concurrent visitors at the same time. As such, I will probably use the cheapest plan and upgrade as my business grow. After all, cloud hosting is scalable :)
But if I own a corporate that is highly reliant on my site for customer services, then yes I may be budgeting a little more. You can definitely not afford to piss the impatient customers off right! And the worse publicity you can do for yourself is to have your site crashing :(
You can get your own email address using your own domain name (portrayal of professional image) along with 18 months free and OMG apps too (Some apps can help to engage and connect with your customers better!!!) It is really not too bad a deal you know.
Anyway, I am not an IT consultant, lol though I have to say my knowledge in cloud computing is not too bad right? Maybe I can consider being an IT girl!!! Feel free to consult exabytes on their products. Believe they can give an even better and more comprehensive overview of cloud hosting that better fits your hosting needs!
I hope you all like my maiden attempt in a rather technological blog post. It has been a real long time since I wrote anything so hardcore and serious. I will go back to my usual old flamboyant reviewing and fashioning about till next time...toodles...

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