Thursday, June 13, 2013

A glimpse of Bliss

Today, I am going to share with you something really cool. You are all so gonna love it. This site has the greatest array of kaleidoscopes ever. Whether it is a musical kaleidoscope or a stained kaleidoscope, you can find everything at Kaleidoscopes To You. It is a one-stop site for all your Kaleidoscopes fantasies!
For those who are clueless on what is a Kaleidoscope, it is a word derived from Ancient Greek, meaning the examination of beautiful shapes.
I believe you must have sure seen it somewhere but you just don't know the name of it.  Generally the kaleidoscope is shaped as a cylinder with loose coloured objects such as beads, pebbles or even glass shreds in it. Light enters through one end of it and the reflection from the mirrors will create a beautiful pattern. Some sample designs are shown above. Gorgeous, isn't it?
Feeling really lucky because Kaleidoscopes To You has kindly send me a kaleidoscope of my choice to review. :) Guess what, this is my first ever kaleidoscope and I picked a necklace. When I am wearing it, I feel as though I am bringing a glimpse of happiness wherever I go. So once I feel down, I just peek through it and I am transported to dreamy bliss land.
In terms of shipping services, Kaleidoscopes To You is prompt and efficient. Additionally, the packaging of the product is highly satisfactory. It makes a really classy and thoughtful gift to a loved one or a friend. I am going to give them a huge thumbs up. It is really one of the best and coolest online store ever!!!
To end off, here is a fraction of my blissland. Not going to share all of my Blissland with you though. =P Mine is mainly bluish green. Wonder what yours will be. 
*will work on a LOTD soon with my lovely necklace. Do keep a lookout for it. Have a great day ahead peeps!

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