Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Monsters!

Dang to party off the Monday Blues...Bro and I went to catch Monster University!!!

It seems weird but I don't remember catching this scene in the cinema!!! Hmm. But is a fantastic show. There is this one scene which I was doubling over with laughter. =P Can't find the image of it, but it was so damn funny watching all the monsters swell up. *Somewhat a spoiler but still not a total spoiler...Haha*
This time round, there are tons more monsters. And most of them are instead of being scary are just so much more endearing, adorable and somewhat lovable. =) In fact, Mike looks so much less cute when he is beside Squishy, my new favourite monster.
So blur, so stunned. He looks like a friend of mine...*gives guilty trying-to-control-laughter-face*
Monster pass
And here's me being officially enrolled into Monster University. Can't wait to get my scaring degree, that would sure scare the shit out of non-believers of rarely-present high intelligence. LOL!
And out of goodwill, have thus attached a Monsters University Pass for you too so that you can make a pass for yourself. I know I am so nice right!
Remember to watch Monster University! It is indeed value for money!

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