Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A new Chapter in Life

Yeah, I "convocated" finally.  Haha! *Dead giveaway on my age though*
Awfully blurry photos, in fact my parents did not get any decent shots throughout the whole ceremony or after the ceremony! They are terrible photographers :( Now, I have no choice but to wait for the professional shots. Sigh
2013-08-03 20.54.26
Tada...presenting the collection of soft-toys I have collected. Okay, I have an extreme soft spot for teddies and Stitch. Other than that, I am not really a fan of squashy soft toys.
There is still another bear, but Mum has cruelly mummified it in plastic to preserve it from pesky dust mites. It is just too tedious to un-mummify it for a photoshoot. Haha.
And to fellow graduates, I leave you the motto I live by! Have a great life and a Happy August ahead!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Black Box: Jul Edition

This time round, I must be pretty lucky, considering I received my July Black Box earlier than my friends. Honestly, it is less exciting than before. There is way lesser sample products and this time it is less interesting.
Black Box
Of course, considering it is a free subscription box, like what my friend always chide me, I am not suppose to expect too much out of it. However, this time round, we waited three months for it so I thought it would be better than the last. (My prophecy seems to be coming quarterly and soon poof it is gone.)
This time round, there were like only a miserly 6 samples. *inserts grouchy face* The vouchers were pathetic and extremely useless. Personally, I am not into energy drinks. So really, the appeal isn't much there. I am pretty glad Loreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Sample. I really wanted to try it out. But the sample is a bit small though. (Typical Singaporean, always complaining...haha)
Black Box 4
Belif is repeated sample brand. But I am starting to adore it since I last tried it, so no complains here. The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser looks pretty interesting though. And well, despite being not too much a coffee person, my Dad is extremely intrigued by the coffee sample. He can't wait to try it out!!!
Well, I still think that the more the merrier, hopefully next time round we will get more goodies!!!
As usual, for people who want to snag one box, the link is here.  =)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

LOTD: Moo Cow Moo

This is one of the most comfortable dresses ever. It is made of Linen you see :) Also, it is very my style, slightly bohemian and just very casual. It is a dress that allows me to be myself. I can hop around in meadows and moo about. Lol (Sorry, but a friend of mine said I looked like a baby cow in this!!!) Was slightly offended at first, but when I googled baby cows, my heart melted. I guess he was just trying to say I am cute!!!
The bracelet is also one of my personal favourite from Joe Brown. For girls and guys who enjoy a slightly more laidback style, you just got to check their site out! Honestly, I have so many favourites, I can hardly make a choice. And best of all their stuff are highly affordable. *Thumbs up*
Laidback Linen Tunic: Joe Brown
Truly Remarkable Bracelet: Joe Brown
Crochet Necklace: Gifted
Joe Brown
Apart from the set Keely has kindly provided, I created a collage with some of Joe Brown apparels and accessories that are of my style. Gorgeous, isn't it? Hopefully I will have a chance to model them some day. ^^

Sunday, July 21, 2013

LOTD: Black Like a Cat

I created an all black look with the donut necklace and the pink flying bird earrings. I thought it would be cool to create you know a goth look to contrast the cute accessories. The pink earrings are particularly endearing as they are soo sweet. :)
My top is a little overly revealing for my liking as I am bloating with age. =( But the good news is because of this top, it has set my fragile heart that I am gonna work out and lose those flabs! Begone fats!
Laser Cut Donut necklace: CataCakeCreations
Flying Bird Cute Acrylic Laser Cut Earrings: CataCakeCreations
Basic Cut Out Top: Julien
On a side note, I would to really like to thank Claire for the opportunity to review and her thoughtful packaging. This is possibly one of the most attentive to details package I have received. I just had to take a photo to show how gorgeous it is.
CataCakeCreations really has a lot of splendid accessories. There are a few dreamy designs that left me in awe. I am pretty sure many of you will fall in love with her designs. Do check out the site! Here is some of my personal favourite :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pretty Little Things Part 1

Decided to do something somewhat different today. Neh, not review sharing today. But more of doing an introductory post that might interest you people out there, well if you share the same great taste as me...haha =p
First up, we have DropDead!
Honestly, their stuff are so cool, it would really make you drop dead with desire. 
Kuro Onesie (50.00) - OMG this is just so cute <3
The Mountains Polo T-Shirt (20.00) - I just love the detailed breathtaking graphics
Burnout Bitch Shirt (40.00) - It is sort of sexy and not in a slutty way. This is the sultry me speaking.
Woof Woof Shirt (50.00) - I just like the way how the sleeves remind me of angel wings. I think this is what Kimono design. :)
drop dead
Bitchcraft Denim Dungarees (50.00) - It is simple yet it shows spunk. My style!
Floral Bikini (20.00) - I love the colours and how demure yet edgy it is...haha
Eat Shit Wrist Band (5.00) - It just such a self-explanatory message to some pricks out there.
Just some miscellaneous stuff I find really adorable ^^
Namaikina Plush (20.00)
Introducing Pop Pins all the way from Philippines, this will sure make your eyes pop and your heart melt. Remember soft drinks bottle caps? Yup they make customised jewelry out of them. How cool can it be right?
Last but not least, I am going to introduce to you very arty Tote Bags...from Inverted Commas.
They hail all the way form...ITALY! All the bags are only 15.00 and the designs are somewhat whimsical but so so vibrant. They really make you smile a little and inspire you to be a little more creative every day. Check out my 3 personal favourite designs - Lovers, Baby Blue and Redhead Woman. Yea, the hopeless romantic in me chose those that hints a moment to love pictures. Haha.
Inverted Commas
Well that's all folks. I hope you enjoyed this sharing session. Hopefully, we can do this quarterly. :)
To brands who want to be featured, feel free to contact me. May the most interesting brand reign supreme. Haha!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review: Swag for the Bag

Okay, lately I have been treating my new handbag like a lady, a trusty female companion of mine. I am sharing seats with her and now I am offering her accessories. Well, a lady gotcha dress up to look good right. Haha.
Behold my own personal collection of charms.
I have a blue bridal one which I have pretty much decided to use it on my wedding day (blushes) Bride in blue...hehe. (if I ever gets hitched *fingers croosed*) I must be one mad woman to have even prepared my wedding charm despite a non-existent groom!!!
Okay, I had a really hard time deciding between my orange leaf and pink star charm. Finally settled on "leafy" for the bag cos too much pink is just in my opinion over-doing it. The photo on the right certainly does not do much justice to it!
Oh wells, I shall not blabber on how perfect my bag is. =p Have a good humps-day! And be prepared for a new quarterly segment on my blog coming soon!!! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

LOTD: Pink Panther

Haha, don't think it is a secret that I love pink. Yes, I am a huge fan of anything pink. But actually pink is not my colour. I look quite horrid in pink apparels to be honest. :(
Yea, presenting to you all my favourite pink watch. It represents the spirit - my spirit - who I was and what I left for. Bitter sweet watch because of all the dreams that go with it. Sometimes I look at it and feel slightly nostalgic of the good ole times. :( Haha, seems like it is becoming a sad post with all the sad faces.
This bracelet is a gift and it is just so gorgeous. Simple and classic. The Saphire blue is my birth stone colour. :) Yipee! Just purchased this pink handbag at a SALES!!! AND I LOVE IT! :) :) :)
PicMonkey Collage
Pink Watch: Casio
Blue Saphire Bracelt: Gifted
Pink Handbag: Perlini