Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review: Swag for the Bag

Okay, lately I have been treating my new handbag like a lady, a trusty female companion of mine. I am sharing seats with her and now I am offering her accessories. Well, a lady gotcha dress up to look good right. Haha.
Behold my own personal collection of charms.
I have a blue bridal one which I have pretty much decided to use it on my wedding day (blushes) Bride in blue...hehe. (if I ever gets hitched *fingers croosed*) I must be one mad woman to have even prepared my wedding charm despite a non-existent groom!!!
Okay, I had a really hard time deciding between my orange leaf and pink star charm. Finally settled on "leafy" for the bag cos too much pink is just in my opinion over-doing it. The photo on the right certainly does not do much justice to it!
Oh wells, I shall not blabber on how perfect my bag is. =p Have a good humps-day! And be prepared for a new quarterly segment on my blog coming soon!!! 

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