Sunday, July 21, 2013

LOTD: Black Like a Cat

I created an all black look with the donut necklace and the pink flying bird earrings. I thought it would be cool to create you know a goth look to contrast the cute accessories. The pink earrings are particularly endearing as they are soo sweet. :)
My top is a little overly revealing for my liking as I am bloating with age. =( But the good news is because of this top, it has set my fragile heart that I am gonna work out and lose those flabs! Begone fats!
Laser Cut Donut necklace: CataCakeCreations
Flying Bird Cute Acrylic Laser Cut Earrings: CataCakeCreations
Basic Cut Out Top: Julien
On a side note, I would to really like to thank Claire for the opportunity to review and her thoughtful packaging. This is possibly one of the most attentive to details package I have received. I just had to take a photo to show how gorgeous it is.
CataCakeCreations really has a lot of splendid accessories. There are a few dreamy designs that left me in awe. I am pretty sure many of you will fall in love with her designs. Do check out the site! Here is some of my personal favourite :)

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