Sunday, July 28, 2013

Black Box: Jul Edition

This time round, I must be pretty lucky, considering I received my July Black Box earlier than my friends. Honestly, it is less exciting than before. There is way lesser sample products and this time it is less interesting.
Black Box
Of course, considering it is a free subscription box, like what my friend always chide me, I am not suppose to expect too much out of it. However, this time round, we waited three months for it so I thought it would be better than the last. (My prophecy seems to be coming quarterly and soon poof it is gone.)
This time round, there were like only a miserly 6 samples. *inserts grouchy face* The vouchers were pathetic and extremely useless. Personally, I am not into energy drinks. So really, the appeal isn't much there. I am pretty glad Loreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Sample. I really wanted to try it out. But the sample is a bit small though. (Typical Singaporean, always complaining...haha)
Black Box 4
Belif is repeated sample brand. But I am starting to adore it since I last tried it, so no complains here. The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser looks pretty interesting though. And well, despite being not too much a coffee person, my Dad is extremely intrigued by the coffee sample. He can't wait to try it out!!!
Well, I still think that the more the merrier, hopefully next time round we will get more goodies!!!
As usual, for people who want to snag one box, the link is here.  =)

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