Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chi Chi Wishlist: You took my breath away

If you want rainbow, you've got to put up with the rain
It has to be favourite because there is something so poetically tragic about this beautiful dress. The quote just makes the dress more inspirational, more than a piece to be admired in the wardrobe.

Man are from Mars, Woman are from Venus
Man Woman
I know for sure this dress is my style. The bold striking blue with the golden embellishments. It is a gorgeous piece.
Me: Ooo (eyes glistening with adoration)
BF: It is too loud. I don't like it :(
His perfect style for his lady. Sweet and demure, delicate so that he has a chance to shine and protect his little princess. 
Me: It is not me!
BF: At least it is your favourite pink :)

My stars can't shine without You
Starry Night
I think it is a nice evening gown for a wedding dinner or maybe a prom dance. Under the starry nights, it should be rather romantic to be the fallen star to brighten up your lover's light. 
**I am sorry for my unnaturally sappy words. I think I just took a whole bottle of love potion.  All apparels can be found at Chi Chi. Also, do join the wishlist contest hosted etailPR!

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