Sunday, August 18, 2013

LOTD: Just slacking around

I am really torn between calling it my slacking in bed look or the library look. Generally, I slump and camp in the library with a great big comfy hoody minus the house slippers. That is...yeap overly comfortable in public. Haha.
PicMonkey Collage
Anyway, I am actually at home. I mean...duh...It is kinda of obvious isn't it. Haha. I attempted to create a safari backgroud with my Giraffe recyclable bag. Epic fail! Have to admit my mood is getting kind of good lately, considering I am in the mood to do stupid LOTD as such. HAHAHA!

Loving my Paw Poodle-ish blue hoodie. (I am getting great at coining up new terms.) It keeps me warm and snug in any air-conditioned place. Love it cos it is so cute! What you see online is indeed what you get. Thumbs up on that!!! Decided to rough up the look with a snake-ear ring twirling around my ear. :)
Library Look
Giraffe Recyclable Bag: SAKiToMe
Snake Ear Cuff: GWAAN (OOS)
Paw Hoodie: Kawaii Clothing

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