Saturday, August 10, 2013

S43 rainbow

Ok, this is what I have been buzzing around lately...taking photos with my college friends. The edited photos by my friend is particularly gorgeous but annoyingly heavy.
The amazing thing is that all of us graduated from different courses - business, engineering, science and fine arts. So we had a collection of different hoods. Cool isn't it? We were missing our Arts friend. But it is ok, we have next time, when the boys convocate hopefully! :p
We were like popping in our vehicles, driving around, haunting for varsity hot spots and scenic places. Attempted a few embarrassing or in my words "creative" shots which didn't come out too well but gave us all a good hearty laugh.
You know what, sometimes old friends are better than the new. Not just because of the history we shared together but also we were at an age where we really put in true, pure emotions which ended up forging stronger and more lasting friendships.
Ending off with a ridiculous shot. Haha, that's how comfortable we are with each other. Anyway special thanks to my bro for being the photographer and Mum following us around and making sure all is in good order. Toodles.
Will probably NOT wear specs in my next shoot. Dang I look less flattering in specs :(

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