Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nail It: Nail Foil

I am quite an impetuous young lady, quite unfortunately. But of course, this also means I am rather driven and energetic. Sigh, in life, your finest strength will also be your greatest weakness. It is really on how you overcome it.
Still, I think patience is a virtue. I have now somewhat engaged myself in nail painting to grow to become a more patient individual. I can do it really well for the nails on my left hand. But the nails on my right hand is still testing my patience.
Nails1Lately, I have been indulging in OPI nail polishes. Yes, they are very expensive. Many people (including my Mum) has chided me over such unnecessary expenditure. But in my defense, they are worth the money. Thick and easy to coat on the nails.
And maybe because I am stressed in work and thus viola, I am growing my OPI nail polishes collection.
Courtesy of Maggie from kkCenterhk, I had this opportunity to test out their new product -> N.NAIL Silver Galaxy Star Hidden Patten Nail Foil (NNail-EN1).
The foil is really soft and fragile. I intentionally made it looked like the crack nail polish in the end. Haha. Cos I preferred it that way. But I believe many would adore the original too. I have attached a comprehensive tutorial video below.

Note: It peels off easily though, be careful when eating with your hands, you may just swallow it unknowingly.
Sigh, desperately looking forward to the long holiday and maybe try out some toys. Hehehe...

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