Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fashion Giveaway

I sure hope you love fashion as much as I do, apart from the many things I love. 
So here's sharing with you guys on a fashion competition. You will stand a chance to win a dress and jacket. It is so beautiful so don't miss this chance. Click here for a lucky ticket. :)
On a side-note, bleh, my birthday hasn't been a that great one. My computer crash and my posts and photographs are stuck in my old lovely hot pink laptop. It is rather upsetting. And I am so busy that I don't have the time to retrieve my old post, photos and content. I am now using my Dad's computer. Sigh. Please be patience and have faith. I am pretty sure I will be back pretty soon. :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS! : A walk through time with SKECHERS

Well, just trying to ride on my Birthday luck to win myself a pair of Skechers. My friend's Mum a.k.a Aunty has one and it is really comfortable. I wanna have one too now that Skechers has so many frigging gorgeous designs that is suited for any lady of any age. *whines in despair*
(White for purity and Pink for a feminine touch)
pink and white
Back when I was in college, I only touched shoes which are white base and pink rimmed at the side. I know I am cranky as hell. And I can't help it. It was an obsession.  I am forever in the toilet hopping on one foot, polishing my pearly white sneakers. Somehow, everyone seems to enjoy trampling on white footwear!
Well, back then my school uniform was in light beige (so light sometimes I think it is just white).  Our school blazer and tie was Maroon red (a darker shade of pink only in my opinion). So humbly, I think pink-rimmed white sneakers perfected the school girl look. :P
(The Dark Pink Panther)
dark pink pantherThen when I move on to varsity, I need to catch my buses, trains and free buses. I wouldn't say I always intentionally leave the house late. I just don't give myself too much slack time. So, unfortunately, I always have to rush to school.
And shoes without laces are the perfect choice. Because it is easy to slip in. Even if I do have laces, I am too lazy to untie them and re-tie them. So hence my sneakers are always loose fitting if they have laces. :P
Always shoes
And back then, there were coursemates who commented that I have lousy fashion sense cos I wear sports shoes for everything even with shorts, skirts and informal dresses. Well guess what, fashion critics, nowadays pairing off with sport shoes are considered fashionable. I always knew I was a trend-starter! :P
To be honest, sometimes I also wear slippers cos it is just outside the door. And I can save one action of scouring through the shoe-drobe for my sneakers. *Guilty Confession on Laziness*
Lazy SHoe
The best of both worlds - mixing my sneakers with slippers. Would probably have been my favourite college footwear if I had own a set then. Sighs. But you lazy people out there, you are aware of this design now, thanks to me! So don't live your life in regrets. Haha. Go get yourself a pair.
(Classy and Sophiscated)
And I aged on...sadly to a age where I need to either find internships and work for money. And where people keep harping to me on being professional and exhibiting such professionalism in my dressing. Stressed.
In the Skechers collection, this is the one really looks passable for my office. Haha though it sparkles a little too brightly like stars in the sky. 
Obviously, my favourite corporate colour is black. This is me when I had still had my flowing black mane. Sobs. So black shimmery flats would probably go off nicely.
And tada I even got my lunch shoes ready! Can walk a thousand miles just to eat good food!
To end off, here's a video from Skechers !~!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Silky Girl Surprise

Yea, feeling really lucky lately. :) :) :) After all it is my birthday month, dang the stars should all be shining in my favour. No reason why it shouldn't. Hehe.
silky g
It is really exciting to win the Save My Face Mini Contest on Silky Girl Facebook page. I received a limited edition Lip Gloss Necklace, which is so super girly and chunky. I love it so freaking much. And I got a Make-up pouch. It is so retro and shiny that I promptly made it my lunch clutch. Haha! Last of all, I have the Lash Prism Waterproof mascara! :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Look Workshop

The workshop was set in a pretty chillax atmosphere. And we had a chance to style our model and showcase our interpretation inspired from the 3 hottest runway looks!
 My favorite style probably has to be Baboushka! It is not a very common style. This style pretty much has a folkish flair and rustic Russian charm. It is all about fabric and prints and patterns which I seriously swoon over. It is like draping a piece of art over yourself!
Because it is so elabortated, you don't really need too ostentatious accessories, just a simple piece will do so as to not steal the limelight the apparels.
And my must-have on their new collection: the outer jacket. Classy piece and you can totally wear it to work! :)
new model armyThe most confusing look is the New Model Army Look. I have no idea why but I keep associating it with strong, military wear such as leather and studs. But from the lookbook, it seems that is actually a very simple design.
Despite being very simple, it is nowhere subtle. This style is actually something I can visualize myself wearing to work! :)
new army look
new army look1
I usually go for more bold style, so it kinds of surprise me that so many pieces in this collection actually caught my eye. I think it is due to the influence of my BF. He is now changing my style to suit his plain look which he deems it as more professional and clean-cut.
Grunge is possibly closest to my current style now. I think this style is very individualistic and I would see it as casual street-style. Generally, I would dress chunkily in this look. Lol! Lots and lots of accessories to show my personality. =P
My must buy piece is the flowery dress. I don't have much favourites because I have a lot of similar pieces at home. Honestly, I pick the floral dress because I lack such garden-like frocks in my wardrobe. Hehe!
And this is the look we created for Melissa. Although we didn't win, I know every girl is  envious of her! Look at how they eye on her swags!!! Haha. And I think the 3 of us makes a great style team. Our initials put together sounds like some great MNC corporation. Hehe!
To end off, do check out New Look Outlets and check out their collections! I think it is really cool. Maybe I will have a hand in styling myself soon with New Look Apparels. Also, quote "OMY BLOGGERS" and you will receive a 10% discount on regular-priced item! (Valid from 14-30 September 2013)
Haha my first Meme! :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Toy Story: Thor, you shall whore (war)!

thor whoring
I actually have a set of nanoblocks (mini lego) that I am supposed to review. So behind time really. But Thor was well, easier to build. I took less than 5 minutes to complete it all. And I am getting a little rusty with the bricks. *inserts grim sad face*
Anyway the instructions sheet, geez is just average only. I think it could have been more precise on certain area. I mean after all Lego are supposedly meant for even younger kids.
Step By Step
Tada, I documented my process to building Thor in photos. It is actually quite haha...tedious to stop halfway to take a photo and then continue building. It just breaks my concentration.
But I guess this is a new experience and maybe one process that may happen pretty frequently with more cool toys review. Yipee!
And to people who wonder why there is a price discrimination in the Avengers Lego. Well it is because of the intricacy in the pieces. Thor, itself, I have to say I was extremely impressed with the cape and the structure of the buildings. It was designed in a way that really let me felt "hey this is kinda cool". Maybe I played with bricks for far too long so I am too easily awed.
And I seriously love the 2 expressions of Thor. So angst and stoic! Haha.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Black Box - August Edition

Neh, this isn't my Black Box. I wasn't that lucky to get mine twice in a row. This is my Mum's Black Box. She was waiting for it so long, she just gave up waiting. The last few times she saw me getting mine, she commented, it must be age discrimination, but you know what she doesn't care about getting her black box anyway! Talk about a huge fat sour grape!
I had to pretty much beg Mum to let me blog about her box. (Cos I am boring and is forever low on content. I probably need to explore Singapore more or surf the line more often for interesting stuff!) But still, I could see she was pleasantly surprised when she finally received hers! Haha!
August 2013
 I thought her box was more, well, less adventurous in my terms and the items were more of interest to an older lady. Generally, it is just very practical! Food stuff and toiletries, pretty much the favourites of my Mum. Haha! But I feel, August box is way better than July Box. Pfft~
It is pretty much the same as all the edition I have received apart from the Dettol bath full sample, wipes and tea. And I finally looked through Purer ingredients list and realised they use PURE BIRD NEST. Haha, conveniently took Mum's sample away. Anyway she doesn't count them anyway, she probably won't even notice one missing! :P
Last but not least, the link to get your own black box is here. Caring is sharing or is it sharing is caring?!?
And just some random rambling, I am so friggin excited, I have survived the 1 month and we are celebrating. My mum said I was so fat I am going to burst the seams of my dress. :( If you ever read this, MUM THAT WAS PURE MEAN!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

S.E.A Aquarium: Under the sea they sing all day

I must have been a mermaid my past life because I love the sea so so much, to the extent I wanted to be a sailor. Ok, I know that's really overdoing it. But fortunately, I happen to know a lot of man who went/ is going to sea! Haha, at least there are people to live my dream!
The BF suggested going to the S.E.A Aquarium at Sentosa, which is not even in the list of my-things-to-do. Haha. For those who do not know, SEA Aquarium is the world's largest aquarium and it is a lot more breath-taking than the Underwater World!
The main center piece is so jaw-dropping (yup it is in the center of the pictures but the photo doesn't do justice to it) that when I saw it, I immediately nudged him and told him to stop taking photos of the other little tanks cos that was the main highlight. I literally lost interest in anything except that center piece. Haha! Apart from the petting session which really fascinated me. It was like fear factor! I got to touch baby sharks, sea cucumbers (yummy!) and even starfishes (which are actually named sea stars as I was promptly corrected by the guide when I oohed Starfish!)
The place is just so pretty. There are so many fishes that after a while, I just couldn't differentiate which tank was which. The smart BF says they are sorted according to colour. I don't know I think they may be sorted based on their types and the salinity of water they live in though. It is just so nice to see so many creatures stay together somewhat harmoniously despite their differences. Why can't humans do that too?
We spend about 3 hours plus there. We only left because I was hungry. Just looking at the fishes made me hungry, I think I can't work there, I might just chomp them all down. I think we could stayed there all day if we wanted to, to make the most out of the tickets. Haha! But we did take a lot of photos, because after a while I realised that the way to take beautiful shots, is to take a lot of them. Not all would turn out well, so if let's say only 10 percent would be Getty Images standard. You would have to take at least 100 photos. I know...sometimes even I am impressed with my own intelligence. LOL!
Photographs with people in it didn't really turned out that great. I don't know partially we ain't that great photographers and also personally, I think there is no way we can be even more eye-catching than the fishes in the aquarium. It is kinda sad in a sense, playing second fiddle to cold-blooded...fishes. Haiz!
On the side note, I have noticed the BF photography skills improving by leaps and bounds. I think I am such a great model letting him practice on me. I have the patience of High School teacher. No, actually he has been bullied by me to take a lot of graduation photos of me with my friends. Practice make perfect!
I think this week alone, we have spent so much time together that I can safely say dang he surprises me sometimes. LOL! I have seen the more fun side of him which is rather astonishing. I was first shocked by how sporting he was at the STGCC and now I saw the geez cute side of him at the SEA Aquarium. Multi-faceted man but quite disgustingly lovable HAHAH! I just hope my flaws are not overflowing out and overwhelming him. Teehee...I love taking poser shots and he seemed to figure me all out after a while.
Generally, the souvenirs there are really cheap. But I just have a weird fascination for such machines after I came back Europe. It just seems fun to collect them all. I sound like some Pokemon trainer. Hehe. So I got him the manta ray one cos he adores them. I even spent a good deal of my time snapping shots of them which some came out blurry. These creatures swim too fast! (I think I am a great GF really, I deserve brownie points for putting in effort!)
He insisted getting me one too, so I got Lion Fish one. The design was the nicest in the collection. I call them the lucky penny. Apparently his penny is luckier than mine because more great things happened to him than me. *He even thrashed my record in a game. :(
Overall, I think the S.E.A Aquarium is a nice place to go whether for lovers, friends or family. It did get a lot of "oohs" and "ahhs" from me. I am surprised no one told me "shh" for disturbing the serenity of the beauty of it all.

Monday, September 2, 2013

STGCC 2013 - Ironman Fandom

I am just a huge Tony Stark fan and I really do give 2 hoots whether this is an apt caption to STGCC 2013. I am there because of him and the only reason I got myself free passes there is also because of him.
IronMan Fandom
You know actually that day, I haven't fully recovered from my flu. The caring bf was telling me it is okay if we don't go. I could rest if I wanted. And in my head, I was like thinking, are you kidding me? I would crawl there and die in Iron Man's empty armor if I had to.
There is no way I am passing up an opportunity to see so many Iron Man(s) in one place. I guess he doesn't know me well enough. LOL! I have a huge crush on Tony Stark and Iron Man and Robert Jr Downey. And this crush is as "gi-normous" as Tony Stark's ego. Yea, that's how big it is.
And behold the galore of Ironman. I will have to be honest the whole time I was only interested in the Ironman mechandise and to take a decent shot in the Hall of Armour which is in fact I believe the highlight of the convention. Splendid isn't it?
Personally I adore Iron Patriot. I just loves it colour. It is my favourite armor cos it is somewhat girlish. Couldn't resist taking shots of it. Just so pretty! Not the best compliment a superhero would want to hear. Haha!
Lego Competition
Being so enthusiastic, I also took part in the Lego competition with my BFF. (Yup, I went with a BFF and a BF. Both of them wanted to go and I can't split myself into 2. Pity me.) Seriously, Marvel should give me an award for being the "MARVEL -lous" fan. I never failed to scream, cheer and support them in their events. I even gamely changed into the MARVEL shirt I worn.
And once again, I attempted to create Iron Man 3 scene. I was badly thrashed by the kids. I was just too nice. They took all the superheroes. All I had was bricks, bricks and more bricks. Spent half the time freaking out because of poor ship structure HAHA. The BFF sux. She just built a simple structure and insisted that she doesn't want to lose too badly to 10 years old. *roll eyes* LOL! Come on, she was just here for the consolation toy- Lego Thor. Pfft..took part cos she knows I am not giving mine to her for sure!
I am quite an embarrassment for real fans, hahah. We went around collecting freebies. Okay, Marvel is the most generous booth, having hourly giveaways. We hung around there pretty often because the BFF wanted to win Thor signed poster.
I just wanted the Avengers Tee which the BF won for me. I just have an affinity with Spiderman. I won the shirt twice. Gave the second one to BF as an exchange for the Avengers Tee even though he specified clearly he doesn't want it. Too colourful for his style! Haha! And the BF got his Luffy poster which despite being a fan, he says he doesn't want it too?!? Guys can be so confusing.
WDA has the most practical gifts in my opinion. Haha. Speakers are useful but I really wanted a pink one. White is too boring. Sigh.
Lastly, a collage to end off to show that I did walk around the convention and did not stick to one place. In fact, I went at 11am thinking that the geeks would beat me to it. I would have camped in the wee hours if I weren't sick! I thought all geeks would think like me. Sigh.